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NFL Power Rankings

1. San Francisco 49ers-

-The 49ers were top to bottom the most talented team in the league last year. While the loss of Dashon Golston will hurt, the additions of Anquan Boldin, Eric Reid and Vance McDonald should all add impact this year. The 49ers best move though, may have been the signing of kicker Phil Dawson, which should solidify a problem area for them last season.

2. Seattle Seahawks-

-The Seahawks were one of the best young teams already, and went out and added guys like Percy Harvin and Cliff Avril. The RT situation is still a concern, and the health of ends Chris Clemons and Michael Bennett is a bit up in the air, but other than that this team is pretty well stacked.

3. Denver Broncos-

-The Broncos improved their defensive backs, defensive tackles, offensive line, running backs and on top of that added Wes Welker. The loss of Elvis Dumervil still is problematic, but other than that it was the perfect offseason.

4. Green Bay Packers-

-The Packers made some improvements to their defense, but the added focus to the ground game and offensive line should be what really makes a difference this year. Health will be another factor for Green Bay as they suffered some serious injuries last year that did hold them back.

5. Baltimore Ravens-

-The Ravens suffered some big offseason losses, but were able to replace most of them with a few key signings and a strong draft. The big question surrounding them is still how do they replace Anquan Boldin. He was by far their best receiving option and bailed out Joe Flacco on quite a few plays.

6. New England Patriots-

-The Patriots remain one of the best teams in the league, but the health of Rob Gronkowski and the loss of Wes Welker will loom large this season. They should likely run away with the East, but once they face off with some other top teams they might come up just short.

7. Atlanta Falcons-

-The Falcons are primed for another SB run as Tony Gonzalez is back and the team brought in Steven Jackson on offense. The oline has some question marks and the defense isn’t perfect, but they definitely have the talent to make a serious run.

8. Houston Texans-

-The Texans defense kind of collapsed down the stretch, but they should be healthier and deeper this season. With another receiver weapon in the fold and some depth across the board their offense should be improved as well.

9. New York Giants-

-The Giants December collapse led to them not getting a chance to defend their title in the postseason. The Giants should be a bit healthier this year, and should be fighting for the East title once again. The Giants offseason was modest, but could be an upgrade for this season. At the very least they are a far deeper team, and should be more able to handle a couple injuries.

10. Indianapolis Colts-

-There is no doubt that the Colts overachieved last year. While typically that would be cause to believe they will fall back down the standings, that probably isn’t the case for Indy this year. All of their 2nd year guys (not just Andrew Luck) should be improved this season. Also, between free agency and the draft the Colts really bolstered their offensive line and defense.

11. Washington Redskins-

-The Redskins didn’t lose anything in free agency, but they really didn’t gain anything either. The big issue for them is their health. If RGIII is 100%, then they should be able to repeat as division champs. If he’s anything less than 100% (and that includes being able to run like he did last year) it could be more of a wild card spot they are fighting for. Pierre Garcon, Fred Davis, Brian Orakpo, Brandon Meriweather, and Adam Carriker are other key injuries to watch as well.

12. Cincinnati Bengals-

-The Bengals should have no more excuses after they added both another receiving threat and a runner in the draft. The big question is can Andy Dalton come up big when it matters most. If he continues to develop, the Bengals have the talent to win the division. If it is more of the same, they should still be able to fight for a playoff spot.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers-

-The Steelers may have lost a couple of key free agents, but they are getting more talent back from injury. As long as they don’t get injured as much as they did last year (which would be tough to do), they should be in the playoff hunt all year. 1st round rookie OLB Jarvis Jones could also make a big impact this season, which if that occurs the Steelers could be a big threat.

14. New Orleans Saints-

-The Saints have wisely spent their resources on their defense and offensive line which both failed them last year. With their coaching staff back in full, and the drama of the Bounty gate scandal behind them, New Orleans should be a pretty big threat, though they still appear to be behind the Falcons.

15. St. Louis Rams-

-The Rams continue to look like a promising young team. Sam Bradford should have a strong line and plenty of weapons to choose from, how he develops though is still an unknown. Defensively the Rams are poised to be pretty good, though their safeties are shaky.

16. Miami Dolphins-

-The Dolphins were one of the biggest spenders in free agency, and made some big moves in the draft as well. How those acquisitions will pan out is up for debate though. The biggest question marks for the Dolphins going forward is their offensive line play and running game. If those two areas hold up and produce positive results this team could make a serious run. If they are below average all the money spent on receivers will likely be for naught.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

-Tampa Bay is definitely a team on the rise, as they have two talented receivers one of the best young backs in the game and a really strong offensive line. They also have a strong rush defense, and a revamped secondary that potentially could be one of the best in the league. Tampa lacks a consistent pass rush, and is still unsure with what they have in Josh Freeman. They should be in the playoff hunt, but fall just short.

18. Dallas Cowboys-

-The Cowboys weren’t able to add much talent outside of the draft, and while they definitely improved many of their early picks were projects or reaches, which doesn’t bode well for a playoff run.

19. Chicago Bears-

-The Bears just missed the playoffs last season and could be in the same boat this year. Chicago did prioritize the offensive line and adding weapons for Jay Cutler, but it might not be enough. The loss of Brian Urlacher’s leadership on defense could be a factor as well, though his play had noticeably declined.

20. Kansas City Chiefs-

-The Chiefs should be a much better team this year, and could make a bit of a playoff run. In a weak AFC West they definitely have a chance, but they could end up just short this year as it may take some time for so many new faces to get on the same page.

21. Minnesota Vikings-

-The Vikings success last year was tremendous, but they will need Christian Ponder to step up if they hope to repeat it. They face a tough schedule, and it’s tough to believe that Adrian Peterson can replicate his amazing season from a year ago.

22. Detroit Lions-

-The Lions drafted a lot of potential this past April, but they might not get a lot of immediate production from this group. Add in the remaining holes along the offensive line and receiver corps and you could have another last place finish for the Lions.

23. Buffalo Bills-

-The Bills took their quarterback of the future in E.J. Manuel this past April, but it is likely to do little to help them this season. Their offensive line suffered some losses that they didn’t replace and they could still use another pass rusher on defense.

24. Carolina Panthers-

-The Panthers fixed their front four, but they still have secondary questions on defense as well as gaping holes on the offensive line and receiving corps behind Steve Smith.

25. Tennessee Titans-

-The Titans fixed their offensive line, but they still have some defensive needs. The real issue though will be the performance of Jake Locker. If he doesn’t develop any further, they could be looking at a top ten pick.

26. Cleveland Browns-

-On paper the Browns should be a much improved team, but a big question remains at quarterback. In addition serious holes at CB, WR, TE and LG could make it tough on the Browns. The fact that they play 6 games versus the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals doesn’t bode well either.

27. Philadelphia Eagles-

-It could be rough going for the Eagles as they transition to the Chip Kelly offense. Though they have some weapons, the lack of a quarterback will likely keep Philly in the cellar for another year.

28. San Diego Chargers-

-The Chargers offensive line may be the worst in the league and their rushing situation is still a question mark. To make matters worse 2012 1st round pick Melvin Ingram suffered an ACL injury and is likely to miss the season.

29. Arizona Cardinals-

-The Cardinals could be a team with a lot of promise, but it’s unclear if they’ve fixed their line enough and Carson Palmer is probably not the answer. Defensively they gutted much of their secondary, and they are going to be without their star ILB D. Washington for the first 4 weeks.

30. Oakland Raiders-

-The Raiders are in total rebuild mode (as they should be) and it figures to be a long season for the Oakland faithful. Matt Flynn may keep them in some games, but that defense is just atrocious.

31. New York Jets-

-The Jets haven’t even gotten to mini-camps and they have lost arguably their top quarterback in David Garrard who was forced to retire due to injury. Though the Jets made a few minor moves to stop the bleeding, it figures to be a rough year in New York, especially if Mark Sanchez goes into the season as the starter.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars-

-It figures to be a rough year in Jacksonville as the Jaguars made zero effort to upgrade their quarterback spot. The offseason has been ugly for the Jaguars as they’ve shed poor contracts while not really adding much talent. One of Jacksonville’s few talented players, WR Justin Blackmon, is suspended for the first four games of the season. Defensively the lack of a pass rush will likely be the teams undoing as well.

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