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INFOGRAPHIC: Where Will Tim Tebow End Up?

Steve Shoup

With much of the NFL world focused on where Tim Tebow will end up, we wanted to present an Infographic with various choices for Tebow. While this meant to be for fun, we here at wish Tim Tebow the best to find the right fit to further his career goals.

Sports analysts and fans alike are speculating about Tebow’s potential landing spots. Which of these options do you think is the best fit or most likely outcome for Tim Tebow? Comment below & enjoy!



To embed this infographic on your website, use the following code:

<a href=””><img title=”Where Will Tim Tebow End Up? From” alt=”Where Will Tim Tebow End Up? From” src=”” /></a><br /><div style=”width:601px; padding: 10px;”><a href=””>Where Will Tim Tebow End Up? From</a></div>




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