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Jaguars Need A Win This Thursday

Steve Shoup


To say things have not been going well for the Jacksonville Jaguars this season would be a massive understatement.  They are currently 1-7 on the season and do not look to be getting any better.  While they have found more ways to score points over the past few games, they just do not have the tools to be successful this season.  The Jaguars will be lucky to cover the +3 point spread the NFL odds are giving them, let alone win the game this coming Thursday against division rivals the Indianapolis Colts.

One of the biggest problems for the Jaguars this season has been the injury to star running back Maurice Jones Drew.  In many ways, Jones Drew was their only consistent weapon on offensive and left with him a huge gap that will certainly be hard to fill.  He was the cornerstone of not only their offense, but their team as a whole.  With him out and his return in question, things are not looking good in Jacksonville.

With Jones Drew out for the time being, the fate of the team has been left in the hands of the increasingly inconsistent Blaine Gabbert.  At quarterback, the only real positive about him is the fact that he doesn’t turn the ball over a great deal.  Other than that, he is nothing if not disappointing.  He generally only get the ball in the end zone once a game has gone for over 300 yards passing only once this year.  He needs to step it up big time in the next few weeks if he wants his team to win.

While the Jaguars are hurting badly right now, they still need to go into Thursday’s game tough and ready to play.  If not, they will surely lose to the Colts and fall yet another game behind.


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