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NFL Power Rankings Week 3

Steve Shoup

1. San Francisco 49ers:

-The 49ers have shutdown the offenses of the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions in the first two weeks, and their offense is looking better than last year. They should be unquestionably the number one team right now.

2. Houston Texans:

-The Texans are 2-0 as well and have looked pretty impressive, but they haven’t been challenged just yet. That will begin to change soon, but this team can contend for the AFC title.

3. Atlanta Falcons:

-The Falcons have looked very impressive through two weeks knocking off AFC West teams Kansas City and Denver. With New Orleans struggling the South could be theirs this season.

4. Green Bay Packers:

-The Packers haven’t been as sharp this season, but that defense started to show signs of life, and I wouldn’t be too worried about Aaron Rodgers just yet.

5. Philadelphia Eagles:

-The Eagles are 2-0, and while it’s been a bit ugly in terms of turnovers and close games, they have some serious talent. Obviously the turnovers need to stop, but right now that is the only thing holding this team back.

6. Baltimore Ravens:

-The Ravens were so close to being 2-0, but lost a tough game on the road to the Eagles. Baltimore has a brutal schedule so losing games like that at the end are killer. Ray Rice is still among the league’s best, but how far this team can go will be on the arm of Joe Flacco.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers:

-The Steelers had a rough week 1 loss, and the injuries are troubling, but they were pretty dominant week two so there are signs of hope.

8. New England Patriots:

-New England is an immensely talented team, but losing week 2 at home to a team like the Cardinals doesn’t bode well. The injury to Aaron Hernandez is also troubling as they have a couple tough games coming up.

9. San Diego Chargers

-The Chargers are really looking good so far. While they haven’t been challenged that much, they will only get better when Ryan Mathews comes back from injury.

10. New York Giants:

-The G-Men are off to a bit of a rough start and could easily be 0-2, but the talent is still there for this team to be among the league’s best. Eli Manning will need to carry this team, but it looks like he’ll be up to the task.

11. Chicago Bears:

-It was a tough week 2 loss to the Packers, but the bigger loss may be Matt Forte missing some time. With the pass blocking still suspect, Jay Cutler needs a strong rushing attack to balance the offense.

12. Arizona Cardinals:

-2-0 is 2-0, but the Cards really rank this high for going into New England and upsetting a premier team. Overall it may be a rough year in Arizona to have a winning record, but so far they are taking games that people wouldn’t expect and that is key.

13. Denver Broncos:

-The Broncos had a rough night on Monday on the road, but you still have to like what this team is doing. After the three interception first quarter this team could have collapsed but they stayed in the game. They should be in the playoff mix this season, though could fall just short.

14. Detroit Lions:

-The Lions barely squeak by the Rams and then get pretty well handled by the 49ers. They are still a very talented offense with a strong front 7 on defense, but it will be tough for them to repeat their success from a year ago.

15. Dallas Cowboys:

-After knocking off the Giants on the road week 1 this team should be ranked higher, but they put up an awful game week 2 against the Seahawks.

16. Cincinnati Bengals:

-Bengals haven’t been too impressive just yet, but their offense looks to be even better than last year and their defense should get better with Carlos Dunlap returning from injury.

17. St. Louis Rams:

Jeff Fisher has turned this team around, and they very easily could be 2-0 right now. They will still have their share of growing pains, but they are headed in the right direction.

18. New Orleans Saints:

-They may be 0-2, but the Saints aren’t a team that anyone should take for granted. They will continue to get better and by the end of the year should be back in the playoff hunt.

19. Carolina Panthers:

-The Panthers had a dud week one, but looked pretty great week two. It’s hard to say which version is closer to the truth for the Panthers and these next few games will be telling.

20. New York Jets:

-After a great week one, the Jets crashed down to earth in week 2. I still don’t see enough talent on offense, particularly behind center, for this team to hope to go far.

21. Buffalo Bills:

-The Bills had a nice bounce-back game, but still have questions to be answered after their week one performance. The good news is C.J. Spiller is legit and Buffalo will only be better when Fred Jackson comes back.

22. Washington Redskins:

-The Redskins offense has looked good so far, but their defense and special teams have really struggled. The season ending losses of Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker were the last thing the Redskins needed and will likely cost them a couple games throughout the year.

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

-Tampa came close to being 2-0, but there are still a lot of questions on this team both offensively and defensively.

24. Seattle Seahawks:

-They had a great week 2 game against Dallas, but I’m not sure if they have enough weapons to surround Russell Wilson.

25. Miami Dolphins:

-Miami has played pretty well for a rebuilding team, unfortunately Reggie Bush appears to be the only legitimate threat on this team.

26. Tennessee Titans:

-The Titans have to be one of the most disappointing teams. Their schedule hasn’t been easy, but it’s not as if they have been playing the Texans and 49ers defenses. Why this team can’t run the football is shocking.

27. Indianapolis Colts:

-Indy is a young team, with a number of holes, but they appear headed in the right direction.

28. Minnesota Vikings:

-The Vikings still have a ways to go, but on a positive not Christian Ponder has been very impressive so far.

29. Kansas City Chiefs:

-The Chiefs are the most disappointing team in the NFL. Sure Matt Cassel isn’t an elite QB, but they are stacked with talent throughout this team, yet have gotten crushed their first two games.

30. Cleveland Browns:

-The Browns are looking better than most people give them credit for. After a poor week one Brandon Weeden looked very good against the Bengals. Trent Richardson also looks to be the real deal. The biggest issue for Cleveland will be surviving the next three games without Joe Haden.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Blaine Gabbert may have grown a little as a quarterback, but he’s still not at a starting level, and that is going to sink the Jaguars this season.

32. Oakland Raiders:

-It has not been a pretty start to the year for the Raiders and I’m not sure it will get much better. They have a pretty tough schedule and just don’t seem to be able to stop anyone defensively.

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