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Quick Thoughts On Week 7

Steve Shoup

Tebow Mania Needs to Stop: 

Is anyone really shocked that Tim Tebow struggled for 55 minutes in that game? Or that he was able to lead a 4th quarter comeback? While they seem like divergent thoughts, they both are representative of Tebow. He has big play ability, but he lacks consistency and understanding the nuances of the NFL game. He was no where near a finished product coming out, and while he could learn as he goes, he’s not ready for the NFL. Yes it was a dramatic comeback, but it was also against one of the worst teams in the NFL.

No Need To ‘Ponder’ The Vikings QB Situation Anymore:

Since everyone else is using the pun I figured I could as well, so for that I apologize. Anyways, Christian Ponder really impressed me with his performance on Sunday against the Packers. Yes he had some throws he’d like to have back, but he flashed a lot of talent in that game. His ability to complete the ball down field early, allowed Peterson to have running room late in the game. I think it could be a long year in Minnesota given all their issues, but if they tighten up that O-line and add another weapon, this team could rise to the top pretty quickly.

Trouble In Oakland:

The Raiders need to get Palmer on the same page with that offense STAT. Not only did the passing game look pathetic on Sunday, but Darren McFadden went down with injury. For the Raiders to salvage this season, Palmer has to use this bye week to get right with this offense. He just didn’t look ready against the Chiefs and it cost Oakland.

When It Rains, It Pours:

It’s bad enough that the Redskins have lost the last two games, but they have also lost LG Kory Lichtensteiger and RB Tim Hightower for the season, WR Santana Moss and TE Chris Cooley for 6 weeks, and LT Trent Williams and ILB London Fletcher for a couple of weeks. That is 5 offensive starters (including all their best ones not named Fred Davis), and their best defensive player. Things are going to get ugly in Washington to the point that if WIlliams and Fletcher are still out, this team could lose to the Dolphins.

Dolphins, Rams and Colts One Up Each Other In Futility:

After a day where the Dolphins lose a 15-0 lead to Tim Tebow in the final few minutes, and the Rams give up a franchise record to rookie running back DeMarco Murray, one would think we’d seen the low point of a teams futility. That is of course until the Colts took the field against New Orleans. That game was simply a massacre, and a down right embarrassment (though the Ravens offense looked just as futile) for a once proud Indy team. These three winless teams are taking the whole ‘Suck For Luck’ slogan to new depths (the Rams don’t need Luck, but they will happily take the Kings ransom they get for that pick).

What Happened To Baltimore:

I know they have had some struggles at QB, but I really thought Baltimore was a team to watch this season and a SB favorite for the AFC. That game last night was pathetic. I realize the Jags have a good defense, but the Ravens made them seem like it was the greatest defense every assembled. No way it should take the Ravens over 30 minutes to get a 1st down in that game. Baltimore needs to fix their passing attack quickly or they have no shot of postseason success (or even making it if they keep playing like that).

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