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Fantasy Football: Five guys I’m avoiding drafting

John Manuel

1- Philip Rivers– QB- Chargers

This is a huge long shot for me.  River is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league but I have concerns.  And maybe I am thinking too much on this.  Cardale Jones doesn’t worry me that he would take River’s job but look at this.  All signs point that Rivers is not down with the move to LA.  I also get the feeling that Rivers and new coach Anthony Lynn will not be on the same page as he was with Mike McCoy.  Mike Williams is already hurt as well, Woodhead is in Baltimore and can you trust Keenan Allen?  I also think Rivers will not be in LA in 2018.

2- Todd Gurley- RB- Rams

Another LA star I am nervous on.  Most people think Gurley is a lock to have a bounce back 2017 from his down sophomore season.  I am not so quick to buy that.  I wanna see it before I would take Gurley in the top two rounds.  McVay also liked to put the ball in the air in DC and even with an unknown in Goff I expect him to do more of the same.  Gurley feels like a post third season trade candidate to me.  Kinda like Jerome Bettis and Marshawn Lynch were early in their careers.

3- Sammy Watkins– WR- Bills

I see Watkins listed in the 15-20 range of wide receivers.  Buyer beware at its highest.  What convinces you that drafting Watkins as a WR2 is a safe call.  He has not been able to stay healthy in his short career.  He also is suspect to remain with the Bills after this season.  And his team wanted to move on from his quarterback after last season.  This all has the signs of another frustrating year for Watkins owners.  Which sucks because Watkins was so NFL ready when he was dominate at Clemson.  I would love to see him get it all together.

4- Allen Robinson– WR- Jaguars

He burned me last year bad.  Well, it really wasn’t his fault.  Most of the problems were all about his QB.  A guy I will refuse to say his name.  Why would this season be different?  The team is also expected to run the ball more with Fournette for sure.  Maybe it opens it up for Robinson.  But again, remember who will be tossing it to him.  I would feel more confident if Leonard was I think.  Not worth the frustration.

5- Eric Ebron– TE- Lions

To me Ebron has never got anywhere near what was expected coming out of UNC.  He was expected to a dominant force for the Lions and we haven’t seen it.  And guess what?  I already see he is listed as questionable for week 1?  The top tight ends are pretty safe so Ebron is probably looking at a TE2 anyway.


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