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Fantasy Football Strategy: Defense

John Manuel

1- If you want to be the one who grabs a defense in round 5 or 6 take these guys?

I say the Denver Broncos.  I know Shane Ray going down is a concern but he should be back around week one or two.  Von Miller will still be there and so will the best pair of corners in the NFL.  And we don’t know who good a coach Vance Joseph will be but he is a defensive guy.

2- Once someone grabs the Broncos what should you do?

Look at your skill players you have drafted.  If you feel confident you are in good shape taking the Chiefs, Seahawks or Vikings is not a bad call.  I see very little difference in the top four squads.  I have some fear that Seattle may fall off this season but it is a small fear.  KC will need Justin Houston to come back healthy so watch him this preseason.  And the Vikings have the talent to do the things they did in the first half of 2016.

3- Teams that I am weary of are?

The Texans are first.  Some will say they have the best defense with JJ Watt returning after missing almost all of 2016.  But their shaky QB situation scares me again and that could really hurt their defense.  Their front looks to be dominant but their are many questions about their back.  I also think the Dolphins are probably on few radars but they should be off all radars.  I have a feeling they will be a bad team.  Just a hunch.

4- If you wait, who should you target later?

Maybe the Rams slip?  They have been known the past few seasons as having a good defense but their overall record keeps them down.  Wade Phillips will be better than anything they have had in recent years.  And I think McVay will make the offense better to take more stress off of the Rams D.  I also amazingly like taking a chance on the Jaguars.  If they can run the ball finally and take pressure off sorry Bortles the defense should be a factor.  They have worked on it for three offseasons and I think it finally pays off.  Jalen Ramsey should become a star in 2017.



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