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Fantasy Football 2017: Analyzing the Rookies

John Manuel

1- Are any of the quarterbacks worth looking at?

My call is no unless you have some kind of dynasty league.  Trubisky should be the first to play even with Glennon on the Bears roster at a decent price.  He was drafted 2nd and those guys don’t sit anymore.  Deshaun Watson should also play because Tom Savage is Tom Savage.  Unlike the Bears, the Texans think they can compete in 2017 so maybe Watson could emerge by seasons end based on having a playoff caliber team around him.  I can’t see Mahomes unseating Alex Smith anytime soon so forget him.  If you have a 28 team league or a two QB league maybe take a flyer on Deshone Kizer.  Not expected to play buy I think Hue Jackson will want to see what he has before the strong QB draft of 2018.

2- Rookie review of running backs again?

We discussed the rookies before but will again because this is important.  Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey are worth early picks no doubt.  I think Joe Mixon is also worth it.  Hill is worthless and Bernard has never ran with the opportunity to be the man.  Dalvin Cook is intriguing because you know he will get a chance.  But again, Alvin Kamara is someone I would snag.  I feel he gets his chances even with Ingram and now Adrian Peterson in NOLA.

3- Is there an Odell Beckham in this rookie receiver class?

Of course not.  Mike Williams, John Ross and Corey Davis should be drafted in the first 6 rounds of a draft I suppose but I am far from sure all or any will put up big numbers.  I see them as more on the daily side after seeing them play than using a draft pick.  Ross is exciting and should have a chance in Cincy to make some noise though.  I almost feel as confident in a guy like Zay Jones as those three.  Guy catches lot of balls and should be a chance from day one in Buffalo.  Also, I am interested to see what Juju Smith-Schuster does in Pittsburgh as well.

4- Best of the rest is?

Or let’s talk tight ends.  Everyone raved about how great OJ Howard was at Alabama.  I guess they watched mainly just the two Clemson games.  I didn’t see it as much as most did week to week.  He should be good but I would go with a more experienced tight end over Howard.  The other tight ends drafted in the first round were Njoku and Engram.  Njoku could be an option as a late 2nd tight end who could fill the role that Pryor left.  Engram on the other hand looks more of a slot guy and is impressive on film.  Problem is the Giants got a solid rookie season already out of Sheppard in the slot?  Football wise I questioned this pick even though the Giants had poo poo at the tight end position.  If you are a huge league I am gonna suggest a wildcard in Jordan Leggett.  The fella always looked decent at Clemson and the Jets have to get the ball to someone.



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