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Fantasy Football 2017: Running Back Questions

John Manuel

1- Is Jordan Howard worth taking in the top 10?

I actually had Howard last season and he paid off nicely as a rookie.  After the big three of Bell, Zeke and Johnson you have to think Howard is an option.  Could he explode in year two like David Johnson did?  I kinda think so because the first thought is that the Bears will not be great at QB no matter who plays.  But they were awful last year as well.  So I don’t think that should scare you off.  I would take him over Shady McCoy and Ajayi.

2- Will Todd Gurley bounce back?

Did you know I once flew on the same plane as Gurley?  Gurley went from beast to almost a forgotten guy.  The Rams were a mess last year so this a big year for the future of Gurley.  Good news is Fisher is out and kid offense wonder Sean McVay is in.  Bad news is the past couple seasons as Redskins offensive coordinator McVay never got the Skins going on the ground.  So it has to be a big risk to take Gurley early.  I would be more interested in one rookies over Gurley.

3- How about those rookies?

I am pretty sure three could go in the top 15-20 of most drafts.  Fournette is a lock even playing for the Jags.  McCaffrey’s ability to be a factor as a runner and pass catching will make an owner jump early on him.  And Joe Mixon’s talent and potential to be the best of the three will also make him a high pick.  But don’t forget about Dalvin Cook even if Murray signed with the Vikings.  And I got one for you in a sec.

4- What to do with Adrian Peterson?

I say pass, not hard pass but pass.  Mark Ingram is still there remember and he has been more productive, healthier and ofcourse younger.  Peterson has not been a factor in a long time and it showed as he struggled to find both a team and a payday last Spring.  But another rookie I like is also on the Saints.  Alvin Kamara should get a chance to do things right away and he could supplant Peterson also in the end.

5-My big call of the day

Don’t sleep on Carlos Hyde.  Bobby Turner moved to the Niners as running back coach and wherever he goes backs put up monster stats for the past 25 years.  Turner worked with Kyle’s dad and the Broncos had 1000 yarder after 1000 yarder.  Then helped Alfred Morris put up around 3000 yards in two years.  And you saw what both the Falcons’ backs did a year ago.  The guy is magic.  I know the Niners may be looking to move on from Hyde but I would take the chance.  Or at least grab Tim Hightower at some point.  Or check in mid August who has the hot hand with in San Fran.


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