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Daily Fantasy Best Buys

John Manuel

1- Marcus Mariota Tenn- $5900

I feel like this a broken record and am going to get it right one of these weeks.  I just feel like Mariota is gonna take the next step in his career and have a marquis game.  I feel like this one could be a shootout and win or lose Mariota plays big.

2- Jay Ajayi Dolphins $4000

He doesn’t have to worry about not getting on the plane this week since they are at home.  And now with Foster out he can stop whining and get the start.  The obvious reason why Ajayi is listed is his price but also his opponent being the Browns.  Easy one.

3- Stephon Diggs Vikings $5100

How is Diggs only $5100?  Peterson may be out and they may be playing the Panthers but how can anyone pass on this deal?  Alan Hurns and Corey Coleman cost you more?  I am still confused so just take him.

4- Steve Smith Sr. Ravens $4100

Smith has yet to take off coming back from the serious injury but this week could be it.  Smith is older and now injured but it seems like he is due for at least one more big game, right?  And Jacksonville is not yet the surprise contender some thought before the season.

5- Jordan Cameron Dolphins $2900

Again going against the poor Browns.  Cameron has been a disappointment in Miami but this week could be his chance for redemption.  I think he can finally do something and at a low cost.



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