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Allen’s Top 10 Fantasy Wide Receiver

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer Allen Yates:


Next up is the top 10 wide receivers for the upcoming season. In a pass happy league the selection of receivers has become a bit more deeper than it used to be. The receivers today are bigger stronger and faster, effecting the game via the deep ball or a simple bubble screen pass that goes the distance. These are the top 10 wide receivers sure to take your team to the next level.

10. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals – Bye Week: 9     larryfitzgerald

Coming off of one of the most forgettable years in his career, Larry has remained positive that things will come around. Fitzgerald with a good quarterback is easily top 3 material in any fantasy league. He hasn’t had the luxury to have that since his days with Kurt Warner. However, the future seems brighter than the subtle light that was last season. The additions of Carson Palmer at Quarterback and Bruce Arians are an upgrade that Larry will welcome with open arms. Hopefully they can turn Larry back into the dominating force that basically caught any ball thrown his way.

9. Vincent Jackson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Bye Week: 5

Vincent Jackson was a highly touted free agent. Now he is the $26 million man who played like it last season. Jackson caught a career high 69 for 1,334 yards. Coordinator Mike Sullivan loves the deep ball and Jackson loves to run it. Jackson led the NFL is yards per catch at 19.2 per catch. Those numbers are reminiscent of his best days as a Charger. As long as his big armed quarterback, Josh Freeman, plays up to his skill set Jackson could carry on his great season from last year.

8.  Andre Johnson, Houston Texans – Bye Week: 8

Andre has been battling the injury bug for a little more than two seasons. Luckily, he was healthy enough to play a full season and his numbers reflected that. Johnson was second in receiving yards(1,598) and fourth in catches(112). Johnson showed why he is arguably a top five WR when healthy. However, the key word and slogan with Johnson is health. He has been battling injuries, and the Texans love for the run game could keep his red zone TD numbers down. Johnson may give you the yards, but his TD numbers aren’t anything to drool over.

7.  Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons – Bye Week: 6

Roddy White is a sure handed, confident receiver who is a headache for any defense in the NFL. He is big, strong, and with his wrestling background, extremely good with his hands off the line of scrimmage. White had a great season last year catching 92 balls for 1,351 yards. These are great numbers for White, although he was the beneficiary of playing opposite Julio Jones. White is sure to put up great numbers again this coming season, as Atlanta has upgraded in the back field with, Steven Jackson, who is a threat in the run and pass game. Look for White to have another solid season.

6. Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons – Bye Week: 6

Julio Jones has one of the best skill sets in his position. He is a sure fire number 1 fantasy receiver in any and every league. When he is a healthy 100 percent he may be the best deep threat outside of Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall. What make Julio so special is his 9.3 yards per catch in the screen game. Julio can turn a screen pass into a 30 yard touchdown in the blink of an eye. He would crack the top 5 easily but theres only one problem. Jones plays in Atlanta where there are no shortage of offensive personnel. Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and now Steven Jackson are all options to catch the football. All in all, Julio is on the brink of top 5 credibility, and a obvious pick who will help your team put up big numbers.

5.  A.J. Green, Cincinnati Bengals – Bye Week: 12

Green is one of those young studs who doesn’t do everything well, he does everything great. Green is a threat in every form of receiving, screen passes, first downs, intermediate catches, red zone TDs and targets, and of course deep balls. Green had 12 plays of 25-plus yards and was a great option in the red zone. Green caught seven of his 19 end-zone targets and won’t slow down this coming season. The only thing that could hinder Green from a bigger season last year is his Quarterback Andy Dalton. Daltons average arm, and subpar deep ball accuracy could be a problem for Green. However, Green has made due in large part to great play calling. Expect another top-five fantasy season for the Bengals top playmaker.

4. Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos – Bye Week: 9

Known around the Denver area as “Bey Bey,” Thomas comes in at number four. This physical imposing WR is sure to be around for quite some time. Bey Bey is a 6-foot-3 inch, 235 specimen who runs a sub 4.4 40 and is extremely physical a the line of scrimmage and the back of end zones. Throw in a Hall of Fame quarterback in Peyton Manning and just watch the show. The Broncos added a key addition in Wes Welker, the ultimate slot WR. Thomas should have a more productive year, although there could be a slight drop off in production and targets because of Welker. Nonetheless, Thomas is a top five selection no matter what.

3. Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys – Bye Week: 11

Coming in at number three is Dez Bryant. Bryant has the skill set to be a top two fantasy receiver is he just gets his head on right. Over the first half of last season Bryant had an OK start, good numbers and a couple of drops. However, after week 10, we saw a complete player. Bryant was running his routes all the way through, catching almost everything, and breaking tackles for big gains. All these things are what makes Dez such a juicy option. He can turn a quick slant into a quick score. Bryant caught 47 passes for almost 800 yards after week 10. Scoring on nine TDs, Bryant looks to build on his dominated second half of the season. With gun slinger Tony Romo at the helm, expect those two to hook up for loads of yards and TDs this year.

2. Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears – Bye Week: 8

Marshall broke fantasy rules this past season. He plays on a team where he is pretty much the only WR, which means he will be double teamed almost every snap. Marshall seemed to shrug defenders off left and right last season. Reunited with big armed Jay Cutler, Marshall saw an astonishing 188 targets last season. Marshall set a career high in catches, yards, and TDs as he had eight catches in eight separate games. He also had double digit catches in four games last year. As long as the Bears can solidify the offensive line, and keep Cutler upright expect another huge season out of this dominate WR.

1. Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions – Bye Week: 9

Simply known as “Megatron”, Johnson had a mega season last year. After gracing the cover of Madden, some wondered if the “Madden curse” would hinder Johnson from having a productive season. Johnson shut up the believers by setting a single season record for a receiver by hauling in 1,964 receiving yards. Johnson only had 5 TDs last season, in large part due to him being tackled on the opponents one yard line in six games. That won’t happen two seasons in a row so Megatron and his TD numbers should reach double digits. In a pass happy league, there is no other team more pass happy than the Detroit Lions. With Matthew Stafford and his super strong arm, look for another season of the same for Megatron, the best wide receiver in the NFL.




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