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The Finale

Congrats to Shanahan Tans, the 2012 champs for the Fanspeak Football League. The No. 5 seeds defeated the No. 6 Hunt for Orange October, 92-68, to earn the Ernie Davis Trophy. The HFOO earns the Jim Kelly Award for coming in second. (ESPN hasn’t finished the trophy awarding process so I can’t publish the whole list, but league members can log onto the site at some point to see the final list.)

Consolation Scoreboard

  • No. 2 Number One Philly Fan 106, No. 1 Team Gibbs 93
  • No. 4 House of Griffindor 110, No. 3 Get on the RGIII Bandwagon 98
  • No. 7 Tokyo Wasabi Bombs 121, No. 8 I Need Andrews Luck 34
  • No. 10 Ravens Nest 119, No. 9 Elite Elephants 112

Final Thoughts

After about 25 years of fantasy football (and at least five league championships), I’m hanging up my virtual cleats once and for all. Admittedly, I’ve tried before, but this time I know it’s for good. It’s been a great run across numerous leagues, rules, commissioners and media. From starting in seventh grade doing stats for my mom’s co-worker, to scoring games by hand based on the newspaper box scores, to the fully automated way it’s done now on the Web, it’s been a lot of fun. But I haven’t enjoyed it the last few seasons and a labor of love became a pain in the behind.

Thanks to Steve and Meg and all the Fanspeak folks for including me! I look forward to lots of chatting on the site for many years to come. Meg, you’ll make a great commish next year and I look forward to reading your recaps starting in September. And, Steve, you could learn from your sister! 😉

Hail Victory!

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