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Week 11 Recap

Week 11 Results:
    • Tokyo Wasabi Bombs 80, Get on the RGIII Bandwagon 74
    • Hunt for Orange October 111, Elite Elephants 67
    • Number One Philly Fan 93, Shanahan Tans 88
    • Team Gibbs 119, Ravens Nest 59
    • House of Griffindor 84, I Need Andrews Luck 78
Week 12 Games:
    • Tokyo Wasabi Bombs (5-6) vs. Team Gibbs (9-2)
    • Shanahan Tans (6-5) vs. Get on the RGIII Bandwagon (6-5)
    • Hunt for Orange October (5-5-1) vs. Ravens Nest (3-7-1)
    • House of Griffindor (6-5) vs. Elite Elephants (3-8)
    • Number One Philly Fan (7-4) vs. I Need Andrews Luck (4-7)
    • No. 1 Team Gibbs, No. 2 Number One Philly Fan: Bye
    • No. 3 Get on the RGIII Bandwagon vs. No. 6 Hunt for Orange October
    • No. 5 Shanahan Tans vs. No. 4 House of Griffindor
Consolation Bracket
    • No. 8 I Need Andrews Luck vs. No. 7 Tokyo Wasabi Bombs
    • No. 10 Elite Elephants vs. No. 9 Ravens Nest
Playoff Scenarios (tiebreaker for playoff spots or seeds is head-to-head record; total points is second tiebreaker)
    • Team Gibbs: Clinched playoff spot; one more win to earn top seed and first round bye
    • Number One Philly Fan: One win to clinch playoff spot
    • Get on the RGIII Bandwagon, House of Griffindor, Shanahan Tans and Hunt for Orange October need two wins to clinch playoff spot (not including any other teams’ losses)
    • Tokyo Wasabi Bombs need two wins and help to get into the playoffs
    • I Need Andrews Luck will be eliminated with one more loss
    • Elite Elephants and Ravens Nest have been eliminated from playoff contention
    • Longest current winning streak: Team Gibbs, eight games
    • Longest current losing streak: I Need Andrews Luck, four games

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