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Draft Guide

Last week, I offered a top-1o list as you’re preparing for your draft. Now, in the inaugural post of this blog, I offer you a guide of who to pick in each round (for a 14-round draft) and how the roster would be comprised after each round. Sometimes, there are players that cause you to go away from these guidelines, but overall, picking running backs in the first two rounds will give you two studs at that position — and your season will be a lot more successful as a result.

* First Two Rounds: You should pick a running back, no matter what. (2RB)

* Third Round: Pick the highest-ranked wide receiver or running back. (3RB or 2RB/1WR)

* Fourth Round: If the roster is 3RB, pick a WR. If it’s 2RB/1WR, pick the highest-ranked QB or RB. (3RB/1WR or 2RB/1WR/1QB)

* Fifth Round: If no QB has been taken, pick one here. If one was picked in the fourth round, pick a RB. (3RB/1WR/1QB)

* Sixth round: Pick the highest-ranked wide receiver. (3RB/2WR/1QB)

* Seventh Round: Pick the highest-ranked wide receiver or tight end. (3RB/3WR/1QB or 3RB/2WR/1QB/1TE)

* Eighth Round: If you haven’t picked a tight end yet, pick one here. If you have, then pick the highest ranked wide receiver. (3RB/3WR/1QB/1TE)

* Ninth Round: Pick the highest-ranked wide receiver. (3RB/4WR/1QB/1TE)

* Tenth Round: Pick the highest-ranked quarterback. (3RB/4WR/2QB/1TE)

* Eleventh Round: Pick the highest-ranked RB. (2QB/4RB/4WR/1TE)

* Twelfth Round: Pick the highest-ranked WR. (2QB/4RB/5WR/1TE)

* Thirteenth Round: Pick the highest-ranked DEF. (2QB/4RB/5WR/1TE/1DEF)

* Fourteenth Round: Pick the highest-ranked kicker. (2QB/4RB/5WR/1TE/1DEF/1K)

I look forward to hearing how this formula works for you. In the coming weeks, look for more insight here — including how my draft turns out (it’s on Aug. 28). And follow along with me this season as the Tokyo Wasabi Bombs prepare for their season season.

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