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Fantasy Football Fantasy Football Rankings

By Guest Writer EJ McKinley:

Tight ends are fast becoming a hot commodity in fantasy football. It’s imperative in today’s game to draft a good one. Here are the top 20 tight ends in the NFL:

  1. Jimmy Graham: New Orleans Saints: When you look at Graham you see a true physical specimen. Graham is worth as high as a 3rd round pick in some drafts. I believe his production will also improve with head coach Sean Payton returning. Everything seems to run more smoothly with him at the helm.

    Courtesy of ICON SMI

    Courtesy of ICON SMI

  2. Tony Gonzalez: Atlanta Falcons: They year Gonzalez entered the NFL he laid the ground work for the new revolution of receiving tight ends. He is the Grand Daddy of the modern tight end position. This is his last year; expect it to be his best. He won’t leave anything on the field.
  3. Heath Miller: Pittsburgh Steelers: Last season was the coming out party for Miller. He really came into his own. With a healthy Ben Roethlisberger behind an improving offensive line; Miller will get even better.
  4. Jason Witten: Dallas Cowboys: A year ago Witten had the most yards and receptions for a tight end. If he can repeat that feat and add a few touchdowns this season; he’ll have the most fantasy points. Witten can be a real steal in your draft.
  5. Rob Gronkowski: New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end in NFL history. Period. What’s he doing at #5 on my list then? He can’t stay healthy! Last season Gronkowski played through arm injuries, the season before that it was his ankle. This offseason he had his 4th surgery on the same arm. Now he just had surgery on his back. Because of all this Gronkowski is a weird pick. He will take some time to come back from his latest surgery, which means he could miss a few weeks of the season. But then he’ll have to get back in the groove and could end up having a subpar season. Be careful with the Gronk. I can’t say how he will end up playing.
  6. Aaron Hernandez: New England Patriots: While Gronkowski’s stock falls, his teammate Aaron Hernandez has his stock rising. Hernandez is a very good tight end. He isn’t quite Gronkowski style but he is great, if he’s not injured. I expect Hernandez to have a great season with or without Gronkowski on the field. Keep in mind however; if Gronkowski is out for a while this guy is going to catch a lot more balls.
  7. Vernon Davis: San Francisco 49ers: Davis has been a real liability in fantasy football the past 2 years. This season that will change. Davis has a young gun at quarterback. So he should expect to get a lot more passes as the younger quarterbacks use the tight end as a security blanket a lot of the time. Add the fact that the 49ers leading receiver is out and Davis has himself the perfect setup for a great season.
  8. Greg Olsen: Carolina Panthers: About 3 seasons back Olsen was traded from the Chicago Bears to his present team. That trade still blows my mind. Olsen was good when he played for the Bears. Now he is even better. Olsen is also the only true receiver on the roster aside from Steve Smith.
  9. Owen Daniels: Houston Texans: Daniels is always a reliable guy to go with in the fantasy draft. He seems to consistently get his catches. He should have another solid season.
  10. Dennis Pitta: Baltimore Ravens Pitta had a nice season last year. With the departure of receiver Anquan Boldin he should have an even better season. He also has an elite QB throwing to him. At least that’s what I heard. I wouldn’t call him elite.
  11. Antonio Gates: San Diego Chargers: In the past few year Gates numbers have taken massive hits. Remember when Dallas Clark and Gates where the two premier tight ends in fantasy football? It feels like a lifetime ago. None the less I think the Chargers are moving in the right direction and Gates will have a better season.
  12.  Tyler Eifert: Cincinnati Bengals: Some people would say Eifert is too high on this list. I watched him very closely while he was at Notre Dame and he is the real deal. He should put up big numbers with the Bengals.
  13. Jermichael Finley: Green Bay Packers: With all the options the Packers have had at receiver the past couple of years Finley has fallen off the grid. The Packers lost receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings so the pickings are ripe to take Finley in your fantasy draft.
  14. Brandon Myers: New York Giants: Myers absolutely busted out last season. Better yet he did it playing for the Raiders. Myers is now matched up with a great quarterback in Eli Manning so expect his numbers to rise dramatically.
  15. Kyle Rudolph: Minnesota Vikings: Two things make Rudolph an attractive pick. His ability to find the endzone and the fact that Collin Kapernick is throwing to him. Kapernick checks the ball down to Rudolph quite a bit and Rudolph always seems to guide the sleigh through the fog of defenders and into the endzone.
  16. Zach Ertz: Philadelphia Eagles: Many people thought Ertz to be a better pick than Eifert. So you if you like Eifert (like me) you can’t go wrong with Ertz. Ertz is playing with a team unstable at quarterback. Since tight end is the ultimate security blanket he should get looks until the starting quarterback gets solidified.
  17.  Jermaine Gresham: Cincinnati Bengals: Gresham’s numbers will suffer with the addition of Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert. However Gresham is a good player and will get you fantasy points.
  18.  Jared Cook: St. Louis Rams: Cook is a very versatile tight end. Now that he playing with a much better quarterback in St. Louis; his numbers should rise even more than a season ago.
  19. Vance McDonald: San Francisco 49ers: McDonald is a nice addition for the 49ers. He gives the 49ers the versatile tight end they need.
  20. Gavin Escobar: Dallas Cowboys: Escobar is a great compliment to the Cowboy’s All Pro tight end Jason Witten.


Best Of The Rest:

  1. Brandon Pettigrew

  2. Fred Davis

  3. Dustin Keller

  4. Marcedes Lewis

  5. Jordan Reed

  6. Travis Kelce

  7. Brent Celek

  8. Benjamin Watson

  9. Martellius Bennett

  10. Jordan Cameron

  11. Scott Chandler

  12. Delanie Walker

  13. Dwayne Allen

  14. Lance Kendricks

  15. Tony Scheffler

  16. Jacob Tamme

  17.  Zach Miller

  18. Coby Fleener

  19. Joel Dressen

  20. Ed Dickson


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