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Ranking The Quarterbacks of the AFC West

When it comes to ranking the quarterbacks of the AFC West, one Hall of Fame name reigns as the uncontested top choice. However, the division’s other three signal callers are no slouches—they include two playoff-tested veterans and a promising young rookie. And watching any one of them play live could be your privilege, by saving on every ticket, every day via ScoreBig.com.

4.) Derek Carr
If you’re in the market for Oakland Raiders tickets, the chance to Derek Carr has got to be the number one reason to make the purchase. This rookie has shown real flashes of potential. After all, Oakland went out and signed veteran Matt Schaub to real money, only to see Carr win the job away from him on merit during training camp. However, Carr is too inexperienced and the roster too barren around him for him to come in anywhere on this list but fourth for now.

3.) Alex Smith
Similarly, when looking for cheap and available Kansas City Chiefs tickets,, quarterback Alex Smith is a top selling point. He may never have reached the promising levels that one hopes a former number one draft pick might reach, but he’s carved out a more than commendable career as a veteran signal caller for two franchises. He took the Chiefs from the worst record in the league to the postseason last year, and they’re competitive once again in 2014.

2.) Philip Rivers
QB Philip Rivers is often shadowed by two other quarterbacks from his 2004 draft class – Eli Manning & Ben Roethlisberger – because the latter two hold a combined four Super Bowl titles to Rivers’ goose egg. But that’s a shame. He’s given San Diego Chargers ticket holders a lot to cheer about over the past ten years. While longstanding postseason success has been elusive for Rivers, by any objective statistic he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He’s got a rocket arm and a spitfire personality that lends itself well to in-game leadership. He and tight end Antonio Gates have been one of the best QB-receiver duos in the modern passing era.

1.) Peyton Manning
What can be said about Peyton Manning that can even begin to encapsulate his greatness? Three years ago Denver Broncos ticket buyers were struggling through the year of Tebow. Now? They get to root for a quarterback with 13 Pro Bowls, 5 MVPs, a Super Bowl MVP, nearly 70,000 yards in the air, and the all-time touchdown record (513 and counting). In fact, if there’s only one player in the entire NFL whose greatness warrants witnessing in person, it’s Manning. And let ScoreBig.com get you there, by saving you bundles on every ticket, every day.

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