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Five Great Players To See Live In The AFC West

The AFC West is one of the most talented and offensively-loaded divisions in the NFL. It boasts two of the best quarterbacks in football, and a litany of talented running backs and pass catchers. Three of the four teams are right in the thick of the AFC playoff hunt, including one that’s the defending conference champ. Here are five great players you need to get out to see play in person by saving big on every ticket, every day via ScoreBig.com!

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles continues to be one of the NFL’s most consistent rushers – since 2009 he has tallied four separate 1,000 yard seasons to go with 49 touchdowns. The biggest argument for seeing Charles live is his explosiveness – his 5.5 yards per carry is an NFL record for the Super Bowl era.

Hey, did you know that Antonio Gates played Division-1 basketball in college? Of course you have—it’s all NFL announcers talk about when they mention the San Diego Chargers tight end. Then again, it’s hard to blame them. Along with fellow athletic freaks Tony Gonzalez and Jimmy Graham, Gates is responsible for revolutionizing the position, proving that TEs could block pass rushers while also running just as athletic as the league’s best wide-outs.

The AFC West is primarily known for its explosive offenses, but Kansas City Chiefs ticket buyers are also lucky to see defensive end Justin Houston. Houston has made a case he’s the best defensive player in the NFL. Sure, veteran studs like Darrelle Revis and JJ Watt are more household names, but Houston’s tallied three straight 10-sack season, and this year he did it in just 7 games!

For almost a decade Oakland Raiders ticket buyers have enjoyed watching running back Darren McFadden. McFadden has been one of the most electrifying talents in football, but a constant stream of injuries have sidelined what could have been a hall of fame career. 2014 is the first season in years that McFadden seems completely healthy, and his production reflects that.

Ultimately, it’s the Denver Broncos that are the class of the AFC West. Peyton Manning and an elite team of receivers—Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders—are as close to unstoppable as a modern day offense gets. And the only way to watch the Broncos and the rest of the division rack up points in person is to save on every NFL ticket, every day, with ScoreBig.com!



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