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How Long Can the Texans Keep Winning?

By Guest Writer Bryan Bostic:


Two weeks into the 2014 NFL season, the Houston Texans have a 2-0 winning record and are in sole possession of the AFC South Divisional Crown. Their 2014 home opener was against the RG3 led Washington Redskins resulting in a 17-6 victory ending their 14 game losing skid that plagued them last year. They applied pressure to RG3 and contained the run for most of the game. Their rushing attack was back with the return of Arian Foster rushing for 103 yards helping open the play action game. Andre Jonson and DeAndre Hopkins both had good performances with both closing in on 100 yards receiving. Their 2nd game was on the road in the Black Hole against the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders have entered the Derek Carr Era and his rookie mistakes began to show against the Houston Texans. He completed 27of 47 passes for 263 passing yards but threw 2 interceptions that helped sealed the game. With the city of Houston being unkind to a Carr again, the Houston Texans were victorious with a 30-14 victory.

Looking ahead at their next 4 games includes

  • At New York Giants
  • Home Buffalo Bills
  • At Dallas Cowboys (In-state Rival)
  • Home Indianapolis Colts (Divisional Rival)

The 0-2 New York Giants have been a shell of their former selves and still seem to have struggles along the offensive line. This is terrible news for Eli Manning but great news for J.J. Watt to feast on their offensive line all game. The Buffalo Bills have been another one of the surprise teams in the AFC with a 2-0 record with wins against the Chicago Bears and their Divisional Rival in the Miami Dolphins. Their physical front 7 and rushing attack make them a mirror image of the Houston Texans; this matchup could easily comedown to the wire with either team having a great chance of winning. Their next game will be against their in-state rival Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys showed how they can flip a switch and become a dangerous team offensively against the Tennessee Titans. However, talent wise the Dallas Cowboys defense is teetering on terrible and has many holes to be exploited. With Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins and Arian Foster as primary weapons, if the Houston Texans control the clock this game could get out of the hands if Tony Romo throws a pick and/or DeMarco Murray fumbles (one of the two are likely to happen).

The 6th game on their schedule is their first divisional game against the 2013 AFC South Division Champs the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are a surprising 0-2 two games into the season. While Andrew Luck has played good, the interior of their offensive line and rushing attack is lackluster. The poor performance of the interior line has Luck constantly scrambling out of the pocket unable to throw to his many weapons on a consistent basis. The potential return of 2014 1st overall pick Jadeveon Clowney to the lineup is a huge plus for the Texans. J.J. Watt will already be a major issue for the Colts but adding Jadeveon to the mix, will alter the Colts passing game to more 3 step drops minimizing their playbook. If the Texans apply pressure to QB Andrew Luck, control the clock on offense, and score Touchdowns in the Red-zone instead of settling for field goals this game becomes very winnable. The Houston Texans could feasibly be 3-3 or 4-2 after week 6 is played giving them a decent chance at the playoffs. Nevertheless, the question is how long will QB Ryan Fitzpatrick be able to play at a god level? Will he turn into the turnover prone Fitzpatrick or will he play smart football and consistently give the Texans a chance to win games? These answers, for better or worse, will be answered in the next few weeks.



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