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State of the Titans After 2 Games

Steve Shoup

While Titans fans were confident they were going to see a better team in 2013, the rest of the NFL may not been as confident. But after the first 2 games, the Titans have put the NFL & AFC South on notice.

So this is the “State of the Titans” 2 weeks (or 1/8) into the 2013 season:


Zero turnovers on offense while forcing 4 on defense:

-Even more impressive to do that on the road against two quality defenses (and quality offenses).

Power in the AFC South?

-By taking the Texans to overtime in Houston, you have to think the Titans have  a real shot for the win in the rematch at home.
-With the Colts loss and Jaguars struggles, helps the Titans make the case they are the 2nd best team in this division.

Rushing Attack Improved:    chrisjohnson

-The rushing attack improved some, and should hopefully continue to grow and be the backbone of this team.

Defense & Pressure:

-Defense has played strong through two weeks. Not just with the 4 turnovers forced, but 7 total sacks and doing a good job of ensuring QB’s aren’t comfortable.

Road Warriors:

-With two road games out of the way, the Titans now have the majority of their remaining games at home, giving them much better control of their own destiny.
-Also proved they can succeed on the road in tough environments, should be able to win a couple more away from Tennessee.
-Going to overtime helped build confidence in a young team. This could help them sweep their next three games at home versus the Chargers, Jets and Chiefs, which would put them in a good spot.

Young Players Emerging:

-2012 1st round pick WR Kendall Wright could be starting to emerge and be a key cog to this offense.
-2nd year LB Zach Brown emerging as a defensive leader.
Jake Locker might not be a star, but he’s not costing this team and doing enough to help put them in positions to win football games.

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