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5 Concerns About the AFC South

By Guest Writer Ryan Gerrity:


1.      Can the Texans’ stay healthy this year? 

In 2011 it looked like it was finally the Texans year to make a run at the Super Bowl.  They made the playoffs, but had T.J. Yates as the starting quarterback. Matt Schaub was out with a injury that game, along with Brian Cushing their outside linebacker.  It is hard to say if they would have won the game, nonetheless the Super Bowl.  Last season was impressive as well, but they fell off at the end of the season. However, this year there is a fully healthy J.J. Watt, Brian Cushing, and Matt Schaub who all had a full off season of recovering and preparing for this year.  Watch for the Texans defense this year to be even better than they were last year.


2. Is Jake Locker ready to win with the Titans?

Courtesy of Icon SMI

Courtesy of Icon SMI

This year Jake Locker is going into to training without having to compete for the starting job because it is his.  There is no “quarterback controversy” for him to walk into, Jake Locker is the quarterback.  Last season Locker played in 11 games for the Titans and threw 10 touchdowns with 11 interceptions.  There were some signs of growth and promise but there were also times of immaturity.  The Titans offense will go as Locker goes and if Locker can become the leader of this team, they will make some noise in the AFC South.


3.      Can the Colts’ defense help Andrew Luck out? 

Andrew Luck played phenomenal last year and he is only going to improve for this upcoming season.  Last season Luck had to get lucky to win some of those high scoring close games.  If the Colts’ defense can recover from losing their emotional leader in Dwight Freeney and they can improve from being the 26th best defense in the NFL, they will have a lot more easy wins this year.  The secondary will have to improve the most and not let up the 3rd and long passes that hurt the team’s momentum.


mjd4.      Will the Jaguars’ offense have enough behind MJD? 

Maurice Jones-Drew may have had some off the field issues this summer but he is still the best player on the Jaguars’ team.  This is a make or break year for Blaine Gabbert because he needs to prove that he was worth a first round selection.  He needs to become the leader of this team and show he can take a offense down the field on a consistent basis.  The Jags’ also drafted Denard Robinson and are seeing a lot from him during training camp.  He is becoming a very versatile offensive weapon for the Jags offense to utilize in this upcoming year.


5.      What rookie will have the biggest impact this year?

Everyone knows that the Chance Warmack is going to have the biggest impact and help a team the most in the Titans.  He is a fast, quick, and most importantly consistent guard that is going to help Chris Johnson get back to a pro bowl this year (bold prediction). Another rookie is going to make a huge impact on the field as well for the Titans, Justin Hunter from UT.  He is going to help spread the field and be a deep threat for Jake Locker and that will allow Chris Johnson to run the ball without 8 men in the box.  These two draft choices for the Titans will have an immediate impact on their offense this season.



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