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Troy Polamalu By The Numbers

Matt Pearce

Announcing his retirement last night, Troy Polamalu had one of the most storied careers in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers. A sure-fire Hall of Fame inductee, here are some of the most important numbers from his career. (All stats come from NFL.com.)

1: NFL Defensive Player of the Year award Polamalu won, which came from the 2010 season.

2: Super Bowls won by Polamalu in his career (XL and XLIII).

5: All-Pro teams that Polamalu was selected to (four of which were first-team). Also the number of AFC Defensive Player of the Week awards he won.

8: Pro Bowl teams that Polamalu was voted onto.

12: Number of seasons Polamalu played in the NFL. Also the number of sacks in his career.

14: Career forced fumbles.

15: Playoff games played.

16: Draft selection in the 2003 NFL Draft where the Steelers drafted the USC product after trading up.

32: Interceptions in his career.

43: The number on Polamalu’s jersey for all 12 seasons in Pittsburgh.

158: Regular season games played (out of 192 possible).

770: Career tackles, which is an average of 64 tackles per season.

1,000,000: The monetary value that Polamalu’s hair was insured for by Head and Shoulders, the hair product company that he endorsed.

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