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3 Big Questions the New England Patriots Face this Off-Season

The Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots have a big off season a head of them to see if they can repeat again. They have a good mix of veterans and young talent and if they can keep most of their contributors, they should be one of the top favorites to win again next year.

1) What to do with the Running Backs?

I think we all know that clearly, LeGarrette Blount established himself as the starter of this team. He had a great playoff run since the Pats picked him up late in the season. I think they should try and trade Jonas Gray to see if any team over pays for him on the trade markets. Next, they should definitely keep Shane Vereen. I think he is a good compliment to Blount. As for Steven Ridley, I would be interested to see what they do with him. He is worth keeping but they may be able to get decent return for him as well.

2) Resign Darrelle Revis

This should be a high priority for the Pats this off season. Revis has proven he is still one of the top 5 corners in the league. Expect him to go after a high contract and probably sign with the highest bidder. It has already been reported that division rivals Jets and Bills want to sign him so this should be an interesting off season story line.

3) Release or Restructure Danny Amendola

Danny Amendola just cannot stay healthy. He is capable of still making many plays but I think they are better off releasing him and clearing up money to spend elsewhere. The Pats can find someone in the draft, especially with how Edelman and LaFell played this season.


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