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How Rex Ryan Going to the Buffalo Bills affects the New York Jets

As a Jets fan, I was very unhappy to hear the news of Rex Ryan being hired by the Buffalo Bills yesterday. Many Jets fans I know were not happy when the Jets fired him. They believe that if he ever had a competent quarterback, the Jets could possibly be a contender. Him going to a division rival is obviously something you never want to see because he knows our players very well. I was kind of shocked that he was going there because the Bills are similar to the Jets. Great defense, but an offense being held back by the quarterback. Ryan is going to have a lot of fun with those pieces on the Bills.

Here are a few reasons why the Jets are going to hate Rex Ryan going to the Bills:

1) The Bills May take some of the Jets Free Agents

The main one that will concern Jets fans is middle linebacker David Harris. He has been one of the more consistent players on the Jets for a while and he may follow Rex Ryan. The Jets would really miss him. He should be one of their top priorities this off season. Other key players the Jets may lose is outside linebacker Calvin Pace and safety Dawan Landry. These 2 guys I am sure the Jets will not miss too much.


2) The Bills May take some of the Jets Coaches

The main guys who will likely follow Rex to Buffalo is defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, and running backs coach Anthony Lynn. All 3 guys are pretty popular for Jets fans.


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