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My Favorites to be the Jets New Head Coach

As you guys have already heard, earlier this morning the New York Jets have let Rex Ryan know that he will not be back for the 2015 football season. I am not shocked, but I am still upset by the move. I would have loved to see what Rex could have done with a consistent quarterback,

Here a few guys I think the Jets should target for their future head coach. It should definitely be an offensive minded guy since the Jets have a solid defense in place.

1) Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase:

As a Jets fan, this is a guy I want the most. He is very young and was some of the top head coaching candidates last year. I think this recent he grew even more and is ready for the next step. Sure he has a lot of weapons but he has done a great job making sure the ball gets around to everyone. Eric Decker I am sure would love this move as well.

2) Seattle Seahawks Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell:

Not to be mistaken with Darren Rovell, I think this would be a solid hire as well for the Jets. He won a super bowl, and Seattle has had a pretty solid offense over the last few years. Bevell was also a top head coaching candidate last year.

3) Indianapolis Colts Offensive Coordinator Pep Hamilton:

I am not sure if Pep Hamilton is ready to be a head coach. He was a Stanford guy under Harbaugh and Shaw and the Jets targeting him as an offensive coordinator candidate a few years back. The Colts have had one of the best offenses in the league since he has been there. He also was a Jet assistant coach in 2003-2005.

College Candidates:

1) Stanford Head Coach Brian Shaw: This would be an awesome hire by the Jets and maybe they will strike gold like the Niners did with Harbaugh for his 4 years there. Many believe Shaw could make the jump to the NFL.

2) Texas A&M Head Coach Kevin Sumlin: Sumlin is great at working with quarterbacks and that is something the Jets desperately need. This would be an interesting hire but to me, the least likely to happen.


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