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The Best Stadium Experiences Of The AFC East

The four stadiums of the AFC East hold four very different teams and are separated by nearly 1,500 miles, but each boasts plenty of reasons to why their in-game experiences can’t be beat. And the only way to get out to these places in person is by saving big on every ticket, every day through ScoreBig.com!

Sun Life Stadium
Sun Life Stadium has hosted five Super Bowls, but the stadium’s atmosphere has slipped in recent years as the Dolphins have toiled in relative mediocrity for the past decade. However, there are still plenty of reasons to get out to a game in person. Sun Life features some of the best in-stadium food imaginable—your traditional burgers and dogs, yeah, but also sushi, everglades-style BBQ, and more. And nothing beats that warm Miami weather. It’s hard to complain with being able to catch a December football game in a tank top and shorts.

MetLife Stadium
The newest stadium in the AFC East replaced the lovable but outdated Giants Stadium, and has a new name to reflect the fact that it actually houses two franchises (the Jets host teams here as wel). It’s $1.6 billion construction cost makes it the most expensive stadium in the NFL, and it shows for those lucky enough to attend games. The architectural design is sleek and modern, an array of lights color the building’s façade in different ways to suit different occasions, and the first row of seats are closer to the action than any other venue in the league. There’s a reason the NFL chose MetLife to be the test case location for the 2014 cold-weather Super Bowl. Food and drink is expensive, but hey, this is the New York metro area after all.

Gillette Stadium
Contrary to some popular belief, the home of the Patriots is not in Boston but actually 30 miles south, tucked away in the small town of Foxboro. This seems appropriate however, given that the team doesn’t just serve and inspire one city, but basically seven whole states! It’s impossible to complain about the in-game experience at Gillette: the team itself has long been one of the best products in football, and architectural features like the lighthouse and bridge recall the culture of the region and early days of the revolution. And once you pony up for a cold Sam Adams beer, you might just feel a little bit like the founding fathers yourself.

Ralph Wilson Stadium
When it comes to an in-game experience, the home turf of the Buffalo Bills offers the best of both worlds. On a beautiful autumn afternoon, it might just be the most scenic and genteel place to enjoy an NFL game. But if you’re an old-school fan who likes the game played under the elements, there’s plenty of frost and snow to be found later in the season! Another reason why you need to get out there in person is because Bills management just dropped nearly $130 million in renovations, equipping the stadium with new video and statistical LED boards, wider concourses and entrances, and a menu of mouth-wateringly good local food (authentic Buffalo wings!)



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