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Reaction to the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets MNF Game

After waking up this morning and regretting staying up and watching the whole game, I came up with a few notable talking points for each team.

Miami Dolphins:

1) Their offense still lacks consistency: The Jets defense is not that good this year. The Dolphins struggled and were dominated in the first half. If they want to make a play off push, they need more consistency. Losing Brian Hartline did hurt though.

2) Their pass rush is very, very good: The Dolphins defensive line on passing plays was absolutely dominated the Jets offensive line. However, they could not stop the Jets running attack at all.

New York Jets:

1) The Jets do not trust Geno Smith: Going into that final offensive drive, Geno Smith was 4-8 for 42 yards. What is the point of starting him if you are not going to see what you can get from him? What is the worst that can happen? You keep losing and get a better pick.

2) The Jets offensive line can block for the run but not for the pass: The Jets offensive line could not protect Geno Smith at all on passing downs. It was pretty pathetic. However, on the rushing attack, they were blocking great and creating a lot of holes. The Jets had over 200 yards rushing in the first half and Chris Johnson has by far his best game as a Jet.

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