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How the Percy Harvin Trade Helps the Jets

John Idzik and the Jets made a pretty big move Friday when trading a draft pick for wide receiver Percy Harvin. I will go over a few reasons why I love the move for the Jets.

1) Geno Smith gets another toy

At West Virginia, Geno Smith benefited off of short throws in the slot and letting his receivers get many yards after the catch. Tavon Austin was his go too at WVU and Percy Harvin will be able to do the same things Geno and Tavon were able to do in college. It also will give Eric Decker more looks on the outside as he has been getting double covered at times because they Jets have many inexperienced or talented wide outs.

2) Adds Depth

The Jets have arguably had some of the worst receiving cores in the NFL over the past few years. Last years players were pathetic. Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill, and David Nelson were there top 3 wide outs last year. Now they have Decker, Harvin, and Kerley. Kerley was their most consistent wide out last year. This year he has not got many looks but I think he will start to pile on some stats. Unfortunately, the Jets cut David Nelson (ironically Harvins teammate at Flordia). Geno really liked him and he provided a great locker room presence.

3) They had the Cap room, so why not?

The Jets had around 21 million dollars in cap space. Many people are criticizing John Idzik for not spending enough money for Rex Ryan to succeed. I still do not get why they never bought a corner back this off season. It may be hard for the Jets to woo free agents, so essentially, this is our big wide out free agent option that they Jets plan on buying this off season like they did for Decker last off season. He is owed over 40 million dollars over the next 4 years. Yes that is a bad contract, but none of it after this year is guaranteed. They can always restructure. Jets should still address getting a wide out in the draft in the second or third round.


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