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AFC East Power Rankings Through 5 Weeks

The AFC East is completely up for grabs this year. This is something we are not use to at all. The Patriots normally win by a long shot but with the exception of last night, they have looked pretty bad. I am going to rank all 4 AFC East Teams so far through these first 5 games of the season.

4) New York Jets (1-4)

The Jets have looked pretty bad this season. Geno looks great at times but absolutely terrible at other times. Their schedule does not get much easier over the next few weeks but if they have a very week back 8 on the schedule so they can still make a playoff push if they are able to steal some games over the next few weeks. Geno will start next week against the Denver Broncos so this is a very big for him to see if he gets benched again moving forward.

3) Miami Dolphins (2-2)

The Dolphins have not impressed me or have given me reason to criticize them too much either. They are a mediocre team which will likely finish with 7 or 8 wins. They just had a bye week so it would be interesting to see how they play . They have the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears in consecutive weeks so we will find out soon what direction they go in.

2) Buffalo Bills (3-2)

The Bills have surprised me this year. They just had a nice win against the Lions but that was also with out Calvin Johnson playing at full strength. I like Kyle Orton as their starter so I can definitely seeing them making a playoff push this year but falling short at about 8 or 9 wins. They have a big game against the Patriots this weekend. We will see who the favorite for this division is after this game in Buffalo.

1) New England Patriots (3-2)

The Patriots have looked pretty bad over the past few weeks before their big win last night against the Cincinnati Bengals. Some experts are saying the Pats have solved all their problems but I think they still have some things to figure out. The offensive line is still bad and they need more consistency from their offensive weapons. This Bills game is a big test for them but I think they win it Buffalo. After this game, they have some pretty tough teams to play on the schedule including Bears, Broncos, Colts, Packers, and Chargers.

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