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Ranking the AFC East Teams Through 3 Weeks

I know it is only 3 weeks, but a lot has happened in this division the first 3 weeks so I figured I would rank who I think is the best to worst in this division.

1) New England Patriots

No surprise here, the Patriots are at the top of the division but they have not been impressive at all. The lost to the Miami Dolphins week one, but I think that was a fluke game. They then handled the Minnesota Vikings in a 30-7 blow out but that was with out Adrian Peterson so I do not really know what to make of that but that should be what they are doing most games. Then they really struggled against the Raiders which is confusing to me. They are clearly not the dominating team they use to be but they are still my favorites to win the division.

2) Buffalo Bills

The Bills are my surprise team of this season. First game they had a very nice win against the Bears. I was really impressed with their defense in this game. Then they dominated the Dolphins who were coming off a big win against the Patriots which was another nice win. Then they lost to the Chargers  but the Chargers are a very solid team so many people predicted that.

3) New York Jets

The Jets very well could be a 3-0 team. They had a sloppy win over the Raiders in week one. Then they came out amazing against the Packers with Geno Smith and the offense rolling but then the Packers came back and won. Jets could have tied that game with a touch down late if it was not for that controversial time out call. The Bears were a tough one for Jets fans. They dominated that game and got screwed over by some poor ref calls. Scoring one touch down in 6 red zone trips is pretty bad. The offense looked great at times, and the defense looked awesome as well. That was definitely a game they should have had. Ultimately Geno needs to be more consistent with not turning the ball over.

4) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins to me are in for another tough season. They looked great against the Patriots week one but to me like I said that was a fluke game. Then they got blown out by division rival Bills. Then at home, they got smoked by the Chiefs who I think are an overrated team. The defense to me  needs a lot of work and I think they need to overhaul the coaching staff this off season or even during the season.

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