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Quick Thoughts on Each AFC East Team after Week One

I do not remember the last time the New England Patriots were dead last in the AFC East. They are today as the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills all won their week one games. I will discuss some good and bad things I picked up on after each teams first game.

New England Patriots-

The Good: Tom Brady still has a great connection with Julian Edelman. It is also good to see that Gronk came back and was able to get a Touch Down. I am sure Patriot fans were really happy to see that.

The Bad: The Patriots could not get anything done in the second half vs. the Dolphins. The Dolphins got to and hit Tom Brady on many occasions. The Patriots offensive line missed Logan Mankins and some other weapons in the receiving core need to step up as well.

Miami Dolphins-

The Good: Obiously when you can completely shut down the Patriots in a game you did some things right. The Dolphins had a very impressive game in a 33-20 win. What did I like the most? The duo of Knowshon Moreno and Lamar Miller were unstoppable. The defense looked incredible as well getting 4 sacks and forcing 2 fumbles. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill also threw 2 touch downs.

The Bad: The Dolphins need to do a better job of holding onto and protecting the football. They had 3 fumbles, 2 lost, and one interception. I would also like to see the receivers step up more. Wallace had 7 catches, Lamar Miller at running back had 4, tight end Charles Clay had 2 catches but then 3 guys only had 1 catch. Someone else needs to step up.

New York Jets-

The Good: The Jets offense looked much better then last years. They spread the ball well in the passing game, and the running back combo of Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory were great. They completely dominated the game in yardage but not the score board. Geno Smith looked great completing 23-28 passes.

The Bad: Geno Smith took a really bad sack on 3rd down which knocked them out of field goal range. He needed to throw that ball away. The fumble to me in the red zone did not look like a real fumble and his interception I could not really be mad at because it was a great play by Woodson. The corner back play had some poor plays at time but for the most part played a good game.

Buffalo Bills-

The Good: The Bills running attack was great. Jackson and Dixon both had good days but CJ Spiller did not. I was also really impressed with how EJ Manuel spread the ball out to many receivers and running backs. 4 guys had over 3 catches. I was also impressed how the defense played picking off Jay Cutler twice and only allowing 20 points to a dangerous Bears offense.

The Bad: CJ Spiller had 15 carries for 53 yards which worries me. Especially since one of those rushes were for 13 yards. Take that one out and he had 14 carries for 40 yards…yikes.



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