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Predicting What Wide Outs and Corners Make the Jets Roster

We all know the Jets have a whole lot of questions with their corners. They have had probably  anything that could possibly happen between injuries and players going AWOL. There is going to be a lot of competition for these corners to make the final cuts as well as the wide outs. I will predict which corners and receivers make the team.


Dee Milliner- I think if Milliner can stay healthy he can have a break out year. He is already banged up so we will see.

Dimitri Patterson- He will be suspended for going AWOL for a few days and has also had injury problems as well. It will be interested to see how long his suspension will be. My guess is a game.

Kyle Wilson- This is a make or break year so Wilson. He will be the nickel corner but I think they go with the injured Dex McDougle here next year.

Darrin Walls- I liked him a times last year. I think he will start opposite of Milliner week one.

Ellis Lankster- He will make the team because he has been great on special teams.

LeQuan Lewis- I take him just ahead of Johnny Patrick but I think it can go either way.

Not Making the Cut- Johnny Patrick and Brandon Dixon

Wide Receivers:

Eric Decker– No surprise here. He is the best weapon for Geno on the roster.

Jeremy Kerley– If he can stay healthy, he will have a big year for them.

David Nelson- Geno and Nelson developed some great chemistry down the stretch last year. I think he will have a solid year.

Jalen Saunders– I hope he is able to develop into somehing similar to what Geno had in Tavon at WVU.

Greg Salas- I like what I have seen from him in the preseason.

Saalin Hakin- This speedster will be the kick returner now that Jacoby Ford got cut.

Not Making the Cut- Stephen Hill, Clyde Gates, and Quincey Enunwa




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