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Ranking the AFC East Teams

For as long as I can remember the Patriots have dominated the AFC East. They almost always win the division but between the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills, it is normally a toss up as to who finished 2nd-4th. The Jets have probably had the most recent success out of the 3 other teams, then followed by the Dolphins and Bills. This year will not be much different from previous years but I will go into ranking all 4 of these teams for this upcoming season.

1) New England Patriots

No surprise here. I really like this team on offense this year. I think some of their younger wide receivers will step up and their vets will have solid years arrested. I also really like their stable of running backs. Their  secondary this year is much improved and I think their defense as a whole will be much improved, especially with some players returning from injury.

2) New York Jets

I think the Jets offense will be drastically improved this year but they need to keep their running backs and wide receivers healthy. That has been a problem the last few years. Their linebacker core will be solid and their defensive line is arguably the best in the league. Unfortunately, they are extremely thin at corner and that will hurt them in the first 9 games of the season when they play Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Phillip Rivers, and Jay Cutler.  This team is much improved from last year, but their schedule is brutal.

3) Buffalo Bills

I kept going back and forth between the Dolphins and the Bills here but I went with the Bills because I think they are a little closer.  Not a huge fan of Manuel but I love their running backs and wide reciever weapons. I think their defense will continue to improve as well, especially with some guys having down years last season. Losing Kiko Alonso is huge though.

4) Miami Dolphins

These guys are not that far from the Bills. I really like their backs, their wide outs are fairly good too. Their offensive line scares me though. On defense, there are too many inconsistent players to me. If some of them pan out, they could be really good on defense but I think some of them won’t. This is a team where I am very interested to see who steps up this year.



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