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Breakout Candidates: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are a team that does not have too many expectations this year. However, they are hoping they have a few surprise players breakout this year. I will predict a few players on both sides of the ball who I think can become pretty solid players this year and moving forward.

Robert Woods, WR

I think this guy is going to have an awesome season. We all know Sammy Watkins will be a stud and I also think Mike Williams will have a solid comeback season. Woods is going to be the beneficiary of these guys getting covered by opposing teams top defensive backs. I think these guys will not miss Stevie Johnson this year.

Honorable Mention on Offense:

EJ Manuel, QB

I do not really want to consider him a break out player because he is only a second year guy and he has expectations as a first round pick but I do think he will have a much better year than last season. Especially if he stays healthy.

Aaron Williams, Safety

I think this guy is going to have a huge season. He is slated as the only guaranteed started at safety this year. He will help the Bills and their fans about losing Byrd in free agency to the highest bidder. I think fans who know football already know this guy, but he will be a household name after this season.

Duke Williams, Safety

Currently this guy is not slated as a starter yet but I think he will win the competition and be a great pairing with Williams. I think he will also help them forget about Byrd for sure. Especially since they play the same position.

Sephon Gilmore, CB

This is a guy who the Bills have been hoping for big things with for a couple seasons now. Some consider this a make or break year for him and I think he will make the most of it. Bills secondary will be very, very good this year.


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