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New York Jets Schedule Breakdown

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer Vikram Sardana:

Schedule breakdown and predictions for the New York Jets 2013 Season:

Week 1: vs. Buccaneers

The Jets have been good against Tampa Bay in the past. They should be able to beat up on the Buccaneers and start the season off in the right path, otherwise they’re going to have to face the New York media critics from day 1.

Week 2: @ Patriots

The Jets struggled against the Patriots last year, and likely will continue that trend this year. Regardless of their skills, the Patriots remain the giants of the division this year, and should win easily.

Week 3: vs. Bills

The Jets split their series with the Bills last year, each team taking the home game. It figures to be tight this year again, with the Jets again winning the home game.

Week 4: @ Titans

The Jets haven’t done well in the past against the Titans, one of the most overlooked teams in the NFL. The Titans should be able to take their game at home in a close one, most likely decided by Tennessee’s incredible field goal kicker, Rob Bironas. Bironas makes it easier for the Titan’s offense: get anywhere near the end zone and he can put it through the uprights.

Week 5: @ Atlanta

The Falcons are a superior team to the Jets this year, and look to be continuing that trend this year. Matt Ryan and his crew should be able to handle Mark Sanchez in the Georgia Dome. Look for many Sanchez-Ryan comparisons to come, and don’t expect many of them to be favorable for Sanchez.

Week 6: vs. Pittsburgh

The Steelers’ defense should be able to handle Sanchez, much like the Patriots did last year in their embarrassing victory. The Jets at this point would have dropped three in a row and people will be calling for Rex Ryan’s head again.

Week 7: vs. Patriots

The Patriots should be able to defeat the Jets soundly, much like the earlier game this season. A change of scenery won’t yield a change of pace for the Jets.

Week 8: @ Cincinnati

The Bengals played well last year, making the playoffs, and will want to repeat their performance. However, the Jets will be playing with the goal of getting their critics off their back and getting another tick in the win column. In a tight game, the Jets are able to defeat the Bengals and silence their critics, at least for a week.

Week 9: vs. Saints

The two teams could be evenly matched, with the Saints trying to adjust back to having coach Sean Payton, back from his suspension from BountyGate. The Jets will need their defense to step up and corrall Brees and his high-octane offense, but if they do the fans could leave MetLife Stadium with grins on their faces.

Week 10: Bye. A much needed break for the Green and White.

Week 11: @ Buffalo

The Jets will return from their bye playing a team that goes on their bye after this game. The Jets are at a high risk for a letdown, and in Buffalo, it’s easy to see them falling to the Bills.

Week 12: @ Baltimore

Against one of the top defenses in the league, it’s hard to envision Mark Sanchez succeeding. Expect the Jets to fall hard against the Ravens.

Week 13: vs. Dolphins

The Jets will finally play the Dolphins this season. Last year they struggled against the Dolphins, losing one game badly and winning the other in overtime. If they focus after their game in Baltimore, the defense should be able to shut down Miami’s inadequate offense and secure a victory.

Week 14: vs. Oakland

The Raiders struggled last year, and look to suffer from a similar fate this year. If Mark Sanchez avoids drastic mistakes, the Jets should be able to win this game.

Week 15: @ Carolina

The Jets’ fate in this game will depend on their ability to contain Cam Newton. If they can limit his running game and force him to make the difficult passes, they’ll be able to win. If Newton can run around their defense, the Panthers will torch the Jets much like they’ve done to the Redskins in the past.

Week 16: vs. Browns

The Browns are a team rebuilding, while the Jets look to rise above the others. The Jets should be able to take this home game, or they’re going to face the harsh music.

Week 17: @ Miami

The Jets conclude their divisional schedule with a road game in Miami. If the Jets beat the Browns, they should be able to summon the focus to beat the Dolphins. If they fall against Cleveland, watch out for a second consecutive letdown against weaker Miami.

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