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Welcome to Fanspeak’s NFL Draft News!

Can’t get enough of the NFL draft?

Neither can we.

Effective immediately, Fanspeak and On the Clock draft simulator is rolling out some exciting changes and additions.

For our draft simulator, fans now have these new options:

  • Pick order: Fans of On the Clock can now choose between Fanspeak’s draft order or the current official draft order. This helps eliminate some of the “recent history” bias, especially early in the season. If, for example, your team loses a few early season games but you feel your team is primed for a comeback, then you might choose to go with the Fanspeak draft order.
  • Hall of Fame: See if this sounds familiar: You love the NFL draft, so much that you wind up playing the On the Clock draft simulator during your lunch break. And between meetings. And when you get home. And you can’t go to sleep until you have that perfect draft, right? If you’re obsessed with the NFL draft simulator as much as we are, then you’ll love our Hall of Fame, which includes most drafts completed, longest current streak of using On the Clock and the most teams mocked.

But we’re not stopping there.

In an effort to give you the most thorough coverage of the upcoming draft, we’re also publishing a daily NFL draft news section, which will include news and notes from all other draft sites into one convenient location.

Tired of scanning through site after site just to find a few NFL draft news nuggets? That’s now our job – make sure to check back often.

To send us any news or notes about the NFL draft, email us at info@fanspeak.com. We’re always interested in what you have to say.

And make sure to hit that refresh button!

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