Redskins Draft Recap & Reaction

April 29, 2013 in Washington Redskins Draft

By Staff Writer John Manuel:

Overall Thoughts:

I really like what the Redskins were able to do without owning a first round choice this weekend.  I feel they addressed their needs of help in the secondary with three potential contributors in the future.  I expect all three to get a chance early on to step in for the open spots created by injuries and just a lack of talent.

Shanahan seemed to address athleticism and playmaking potential with this draft by adding guys like Amerson, Thomas and Rambo.  In this day and age of the NFL the offenses are ahead of the defenses, so turnovers are so key.  We will face plenty of high powered offenses, so much like last year forcing turnovers will be key again.

Was David Amerson taken too high?

Maybe, but let’s just wait and see.  I know many have killed him for taking chances and getting burned but 11 interceptions is 11 interceptions.  Amerson comes in with a great attitude and seems ready to work with Haslett and Morris from day one.  I put a lot of Amerson's future on the Redskins coaches but there is no doubt the physical skills are there.

I know a lot of people will look at what DJ Swearinger does in Houston and compare to Amerson.  I am completely fine that they didn't go that route especially after all the talk about all the talking of Swearinger.  I feel the Skins had that already in Laron Landry and it got old.  And we still have it with DeAngelo Hall.  Then adding Thomas and Rambo ended any thoughts of Swearinger.

Taking Risks in the Later Rounds:

The Redskins spent Saturday taking players who are considered risks and their draft status really fell due that.  Brandon Jenkins and Chris Thompson are coming off major injuries and Baccari Rambo is coming off other issues.  I think if the Skins get one solid contributor and one decent one it’s a win with these three.  Thompson could be electric and fills a need that this team has.  Jenkins should be given time to get healthy and Rambo has a chance to be a factor quickly.  If the Skins hit on either Thomas or Rambo a huge need is filled for many years to come.


One and a Half Complaints:

I think the Redskins should always look to take at least one offensive lineman each draft.  They added 3 last year, but 0 this draft.  Not drafting lineman during the Cerrato/ Gibbs/ Spurrier time really hurt this roster and it looked like Shanny was changing that, but not this year.  The team still needs to find a permanent answer at right tackle and not a 4 man open competition or a guy with the hip of a 95 year-old man.

My other semi complaint was I felt Washington really didn't need to go tight end in this draft and especially with their 3rd rounder.  I felt they were ok with the Davis/Paulson/Paul trio for 2013.  Now do they keep Paul?  They have to especially after losing Lorenzo Alexander on special teams.

Many seem to love Jordan Reed, so I am completely willing to see what he can add to the offense.  Especially if he can come in and fill a TE/WR hybrid combo.  But if he isn't big contributor by 2014 this will be considered a draft mistake.



  • Steveospeak

    I think we could see 4 TE's on the roster this year, maybe we only go with 5 receivers instead of the typical Shanahan 7. Also we could see 4 RB's as well. This is the benefit of not having to waste a roster space on Banks.

  • Bill Horgan

    They didn't draft an O lineman, but have UDFA Nixon coming to camp.

  • BeltwayBoy Sports

    I'm happy to see the team focus on fixing the secondary, but I'm not too thrilled about bringing in two more RB's and would have liked to see more line depth brought in on either side of the ball. We had the cap penalty that hurt us from doing much in free agency and I thought we had decent depth at RB. You can never have enough depth in the trenches in my opinion. That is where games are won and lost.