Redskins 2013 Draft (CONDENSED)

March 8, 2013 in NFL, Washington Redskins Draft

Here is a GREATLY condensed version of the Washington Redskins 2013 Draft. If you want heights and weights and stats and youtube videos, get em yourself!

Free Agency – London Fletcher needs to return. Figure out what Fred Davis is doing/not doing. Beef up OL. Especially RT. With that out of the way…

The first three picks are intriguing. So many options…
Could look like this…

#51 – SS – Jonathan Cyprien
#84 – FS – Phillip Thomas
#116 – CB – Leon McFadden

OR this…

#51 – FS – Eric Reid
#84 – SS – Shamarko Thomas
#116 – CB – Leon McFadden

OR this…

#51 – CB – David Amerson or Jordan Poyer
#84 – SS – Shamarko Thomas
#116 – FS – DJ Swearinger

Which option do you all like most? I'd take ANY OF THEM!!! Just so many interesting combinations of talent. I really think all 3 picks need to be in the secondary though.

EXCEPTION BEING. If Fred Davis hits the ground running come free agency, I might use #116 and try to steal Travis Kelce (TE) projected to go #94 if he's still available.

The bottom half looks like this… (I decided to roll the dice and go after some firepower, because 32 points a game, just isn't enough for me!!!)

#147 – RB – Kenjon Barner – Projected #153, but I don't want to miss out on this guy waiting for our next pick to roll around. Though we could check to see if those 8 teams need a RB and try waiting for pick #155… I guess… He's fast. Great hands out of the backfield. Always a threat to take it to the house. Could make a GREAT change of pace back from Morris. Possibly the lightening to Morris' thunder? Also has experience returning kicks/punts.

#155 – OL – Brennan Williams or another OL you like?

#181 – WR – Denard Robinson – I like Josh Johnson (CB) as well but I don't want to miss out on Denard Robinson. Dude is lethal. Not a #1, go to WR, but his versatility adds CHAPTERS, not mere pages to the playbook.

#212 – CB – Micah Hyde – Though I also like Marquess Wilson (WR) Brandon Kaufman (WR) and Rodney Smith (WR) with this pick…

Gives us… 1 CB, 1 FS, 1 SS in first 3 picks. Adds teeth to our secondary. BUNCH of big hitting, ball hawking playmakers in those first 3 picks.

Gives us a truly explosive finesse RB to compliment Morris, and a possible return man.

Gives us a 5th round OL (to add to whoever we nab in free agency)

Gives us a WR/RB/QB in Denard Robinson who is nothing more then a human highlight reel. Explosive to the MAX!!!

Gives us a sleeper pick of either an insurance CB or a BIG WR for the red zone.

Assuming we fix our OL in free agency, I think these picks make us a VERY good team! I'd be ecstatic with just about any combination of players mentioned here. (short of 3 FS and zero CB)

This is just my two cents.  Worth exactly what you paid for them.  No more.  No less.

  • Megan Shoup

    Happy Fletcher is returning! Think they need to let Davis walk…we can get a tight end with a lot of potential in 4th or 5th round and Paulsen and Paul are fine too.
    Assuming we get our RT in free agency, this draft is great! Love it!
    I would maybe draft a depth DL instead of Robinson though…I know you like him, but I think he may fall off the map in the NFL. And I don't want another Brandon Banks 2.0.

  • John Manuel

    I disagree. I think they should bring Davis back. He was starting to get it going with Griffin right before the injury and his 2011 season before the suspension was on its way to crushing any Cooley season at his best. I don't think Paulsen or Paul are the answer.

    • Megan Shoup

      But two things to that…1) do you really think he's going to come back at full speed (which was his only good asset to get open in the middle and 2) based on the offense we're successful in, we need good blocking tight ends (yes I'm just regergitating anything I've heard steve say) and Davis is not that and therefore not worth the money in our current money strapped situation.
      Let's get someone in the draft who's cheaper, younger, healthier, can block better and still be weapon…I really believe some of the guys steve has mentioned that he saw down in Alabama could be the answer!

      • John Manuel

        I am not concerned with him coming back from especially since he just turned 27. The injury probably helps more than hurts as it may bring his price down. It would be tough to let a potential Vernon Davis-like threat to go somewhere else.

        • Megan Shoup

          I totally get what your saying and understand the temptation and his potential. I just think all the teams with year after year of success don't overpay a player like this. They let them move on and let a team like the Redskins overpay him.
          I want the Redskins be like the Patriots, Steelers, Packers, etc. where we keep and pay key pieces to our success…Griffin, T Williams, Fletcher, Orakpo, and let the others walk if they want too much money, and replace them in the draft like those teams mentioned do every year. Especially until this cap penalty balances itself out (which could take another year or so since we may need to restructure this year and push money forward).

        • Steve Shoup

          Even Mike Shanahan said he would be happy if Fred Davis could be just 80% this year. While the price tag might be lower, I'm not sure if 80% of Davis is a good thing

        • Megan Shoup

          Like I said, I pretty much just repeat what steve says…haha!

    • Jonathan Turrell

      Fred Davis? He had 24 catches for 325 yards and ZERO touchdowns… IN SEVEN GAMES!!!! If he doesn't block. And he isn't a go-to guy in the red zone, why wouldn't you take a legitimate deep threat at wide receiver over Fred Davis? Or at the very least a young healthy blocking TE. Fred Davis will never even approach the likes of Vernon Davis. He's only played in 62 out of 81 games since his draft date. And if you subtract the seven games last year where he did virtually nothing, it gets even worse. I don't want a TE that only dresses 58% of the time. Fred Davis could be the most overrated Redskin on the roster at the moment. With Deangelo Hall a close second. I say let both of them walk and bring in some young hungry talent that can grow with the team and actually fit with the style of football we play.

      That being said, I do agree that Niles Paul is NOT the answer. I like Paulsen. I think he's a good second option. Not denying that we should find a #1TE. Just saying I don't think Davis is it. He shows me nothing. He seems lazy. Arrogant. He doesn't block well. And in 7 games he couldn't find the endzone. With all the other weapons we had. Really?

      And all that is ABOVE AND BEYOND his off field issues. The dude is one puff away from a year long suspension. Contract had BETTER reflect that. "I FRED DAVIS AGREE THAT IF I GET SUSPENDED FOR ANY REASON I FORFEIT ALL MONETARY GAINS LISTED IN THIS CONTRACT AND WILL BE REQUIRED TO REPAY THE REDSKINS THE MONEY THEY WASTED ON MY SORRY BUTT" or something to that affect.

  • John Manuel

    Most overrated Redskins other than D Hall is a ridiculous statement. Washington did the right thing last season franchising him for the past season. It wasn't like it cost them $10 million in cap space. No one considers him up there with Gronk or Jimmy Graham but he is only 27 and goes for more than 13 ypc. He had one major injury that is a fluke and the suspension but do you still want Trent Williams around? He is one puff away. His numbers would be bigger early on if the team didn't have Chris Cooley around who was still a solid TE at the time. So you guys can have fun with the 4th or 5th round TE project, a true 2nd TE like Paulson or a special teamer like Paul. Its not like they are going to give Davis 30 million dollars guaranteed.

    • Steve Shoup

      last year the Redskins gave Davis a salary that was top 5 for the position with the tag. Even if he was fully healthy he wouldn't come close to that level of production. In part b/c the Skins don't throw enough, but also b/c all he brings to the table is his speed. His hands aren't that good, he's not a good route runner/red zone threat, and he doesn't do anything else for this team off the field (unless you count free legal advice).

      • Jonathan Turrell

        And John Manuel, you were the one who referred to him as a "potential Vernon Davis-like threat". They have a last name in common. The comparison stops there. And my statement was ridiculous?