Redskins Post-Game and Post-Season Recap

January 7, 2013 in Washington Redskins Post Game Recap

By Staff Writer John Manuel:

After the playoff loss to Seattle Seahawks, here's the top five postgame observations for Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin and their future:

1. I will get to the "should he have been taken out or not", but first the game itself.

Seattle dominated the Redskins after the first quarter and deserved to win Sunday.  They did to us what we did to Dallas the week before and ran Marshawn Lynch to control the game.  Add to that Russell Wilson's ability to be unfazed and make plays.

It is crazy to think that the Redskins somehow still had a lead in the 4th quarter and an obvious chance to win.  After the first two drives by Washington, the Seattle defense came together and limited what the Redskins could do.  Add to that starting twice inside the 10 in the second half and the Redskins were doomed.

Seattle has a very good chance now to go to Atlanta and knock off the Falcons next.  The Seattle team that the Redskins faced was much different than the Cowboys, Eagles or Browns wins during the streak although we all should be thrilled to win 7 in a row and to be NFC East Champs.

2- Now to the big debate.  Mike Shanahan is getting killed since the game ended Sunday in leaving Robert Griffin III in the game.

What's your feelings on Shanahan's decision to keep RG3 in the game?

What's your feelings on Shanahan's decision to keep RG3 in the game?

I think it’s a lot easier to criticize Shanahan knowing now the Redskins lost the game and RG3 is most likely hurt worse than when the game started.  But during the game he had to go with who he thought could win him the game.  Griffin has electrified DC all season and even at 60/70/80% if Shanahan felt he was the one to win the game, he should be out there.  Big Ben does this all the time and he has 2 rings.

Is it Shanny's or Griffin's fault that Hankerson short armed what would be a huge play?  That Will Montgomery suddenly started to struggle in shotgun and pistol snaps?  It is easy to say Kirk Cousins should have been in there since now we know the Redskins lost.  But I think Griffin seeing all types of defenses all season compared to Cousins was the better option versus a team like Seattle.

If RG3 has a torn ACL (and that may be the case by the time this is up) it is a very tough pill to swallow.  But he will be back and he will be Robert Griffin III still.

3- I think the biggest play of the game was the play when Brandon Browner got called for illegal contact versus Pierre Garcon.

It was 14-3 and Garcon got by Browner causing Browner to foul him and actually fall to the ground.  But as Garcon was going free, Griffin was unable to get the deep ball off because Seattle had pushed the o-line back into Griffin.  An easy touchdown turned into a five yard penalty and the game was never the same.

The other game changer was the two missed turnovers in the first half.  One was when Doug Baldwin was able to break up a would-be interception from Reed Doughty.  Doughty was great Sunday at making plays at the line of scrimmage but really needed to pull that one in.  The other was the mis-hand off between Wilson and Lynch.  The ball went free and Madieu Williams as we have seen all season was a second late in getting to the ball allowing Lynch to get to it eventually and run with it.  Two tough misses for a team that strived the past two months getting turnovers in key spots.

I also should add the huge 3rd down conversion in the first quarter down 14-0 when Wilson was able to avoid pressure and get the ball to Zach Miller who made a nice catch and run to convert.  Would have given the Skins a good chance to grab solid field position with a Crawford return.

4- My player of the game is simple.

Other than Barry Cofield's head knocking the ball out of Lynch's grasp at the goal line, no one protected the lead like Sav Rocca yesterday.  Rocca had his best day of the season and was able with two huge punts keep the Skins in the lead until midway through the fourth.  If Washington pulled this game out, Rocca would be a hero.

I also continue to be impressed with Niles Paul's ability to get down on punt coverage all day.  Leon Washington was someone I was very concerned with and the special teams did a great job controlling him on kickoffs and punts.  I still love what Alfred Morris brought especially in the first half.  And I feel Reed Doughty and London Fletcher came to play.  Other than that unfortunately not many others stood out Sunday.

5- Although losing a home playoff game is tough (crazy thing is I was at the last one versus the Bears in 1984) this success has to be looked at as a success.

No one predicted the team to win the NFC East and that is what they did.  I think the Redskins now are a year ahead of schedule but a lot will obvious hang on the health of their star quarterback.  But we do have a younger nucleus to go with into 2013 and that hasn't happened in years.  Griffin's rise to stardom should be a huge factor in Washington's ability to attract better talent to Washington in the coming seasons.

We also must not forget that this team was unfairly crushed with a huge cap penalty hours before free agency and that the battle over that is not over.

Finally, I hope that London Fletcher has not played his last game and that he will return next season.  Although he hasn't had the winning success of Redskins of the past, he should be up there with the Riggins, Monk, Theismann and Greens’ of Redskins history.



  • beltwayboysports

    This is a dead on the money write up! I feel pretty much the same way and wrote it up last night. I have no issue with Shanny sticking with RG3 and go into more detail on my site. My biggest thing was that we abandoned the run and should have pounded them with Alfred Morris more. He had 16 carries for 80 yards, against the Cowboys he had 33 for 200. I'm not sure if that could have or would have changed the outcome, but I'd have liked to see it.

    A couple of key 3rd Down conversions really hurt us as well as Hankerson's alligator arming that pass.
    The link to my post is below for anyone who would like to read it.

  • beltwayboysports

    I also remember that home playoff loss to the Bears!

  • Mike Fenlon

    We can argue the decision to keep RGIII in the game until we are blue in the face. The fact is, Shanny made a decision based on what RGIII was telling him and it's impossible to say if it was right or wrong in that moment.

    The thing that I don't understand is what happened to the play calling? They went away from Morris! Why would they ever consider doing that when RGIII was obviously hurting. They should have taken the same approach they did in the Dallas game. Hand the ball to #46 25 – 30 times and watch Seattle try to stop him. They went away from the run too quickly… they went away from their bread and butter. I think I would understand more passes if they were down 10 points at the start of the second half but they weren't. Play calling was ultimately why the Skins fell apart.

    • beltwayboysports

      Couldn't agree more!!

  • Megan Shoup

    Good point about playcalling and going away from Morris. Overall very impressed with Kyle this year and hope he stays next year, but that was frustrating for sure.
    I just hope RG3's prognosis allows him to be back early next season…I'm nervous and thoughts and prayers are with him. Also, if he's out much longer than that, the media is never going to let this, "should Shanahan pulled him" thing go.
    Ultimately, it shouldn't have been RG3's choice and Shanny needs to step up and make the calls that's best for the team. But its easy to judge now. If RG3 would have threw a TD pass to seal the game, this is a moot point. No win situation here.

    • beltwayboysports

      Today's sports world is just plain crazy sometimes. Play the kid and lose, people freak out. Play him and win, nothing much said outside of a few people.

      How many athletes does the sports world turn into legends for playing hurt and winning in big games?

      Michael Jordan dropping 38 with a 102 degree fever against the Jazz
      Doug Williams in the Super Bowl
      Willis Reed in the NBA Finals
      Kirk Gibson World Series HR when he could barely walk to the plate

      My all-time favorite was Ronnie Lott having part of his finger amputated so he would'nt miss any games b/c surgery to fix it meant he'd miss the start of the regular season. True story!