5 Washington Redskins Players Who Should Be Benched

November 14, 2012 in Redskins Personnel, Uncategorized

1. Brandon Banks:

Not only is Banks a disaster waiting to happen every time he touches the ball, due to his fumbling issues (luckily none have been lost…yet), but his play-making ability has been grossly exaggerated. It turns out he's not that hard to defend on offense, and has in fact cost the Washington Redskins yardage on a number of occasions. In the return game he remains one of the league's worst overall return men, not only because he lacks many big returns but his decision making as well. He continues to take kicks out deep from the end zone and then fails to make it past the 20 yard line. During punt returns he often dances around back there trying to find a hole, only to lose yardage or have a short gain. On many of those occasions had he just gone forward he could have gained 7-10 yards.

2. Kory Lichtensteiger:

Lichtensteiger has done a nice job returning from a serious knee injury, but he's once again showing that he's at below replacement level status. He leads the team in penalties committed and has missed a number of key run blocking assignments. Lichtensteiger is an impending free agent and given the Redskins cap situation is unlikely to be re-signed. Washington should begin to give experience to 3rd round rookie Josh LeRibeus, whom the team needs to step up. If he's not ready, 2011 7th rounder Maurice Hurt would be an option as well since he's likely to be here next year.

3. Leonard Hankerson (part time):

Now Hankerson definitely deserves some playing time, but he can't be counted on for starting reps. Especially since Hankerson playing is at the expense of Santana Moss sitting. Yes Moss is a veteran and may even be a cap casualty next season, but he's been by far the Redskins most consistent and effective receiver this year. Having him on the field more is a must (there are games where he gets less than 20% of the offensive snaps) Even if he's not a long term answer, he can help Robert Griffin III develop in the short term. I know the coaching staff wants to use him in the slot, and obviously when the Skins go three-wide that can be his role, but he's been way too productive to limit him this much.

4. London Fletcher and Perry Riley (limited):

London Fletcher is the heart and soul of this defense, but unfortunately his age has begun to catch-up with him. He's really struggling in both coverage and run support this year, and could use more time on the sideline to stay fresh. He also may end up needing to be cut next year, leaving a hole for the future. Keenan Robinson, was drafted in the 4th round to be his future replacement, but now needs to step up and show he's ready. While he's gotten some playing time, he needs more. Not only should Robinson get some of Fletcher's reps, but the team should look to sub out Riley who looks to have regressed some to be just an average starter this year. Between the two, Robinson could end up with 40% of the snaps from here on out, giving the team a nice trial run for next year, and hopefully some better play this season.

5. Madieu Williams:

Williams has been part of the Redskins secondary woes this season, and while he's not the only guy to blame, the team should look for a younger solution. Unfortunately there isn't any immediate option. Perhaps when Brandon Meriweather returns to strong safety the team can move Jordan Pugh over to free safety, but that isn't too ideal. Neither is the idea of Meriweather playing free safety. It likely won't make much of a difference, but at least Pugh and Meriweather (if he's not cut) could be on the team next year..

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  • http://fanspeak.com/members/meg08/ Megan Shoup

    Agree especially with Brandon Banks and Williams…I can't even stand to look at either of them anymore…both should be CUT!!

    Agree on Litchy too…give LeReibus a shot to grown and learn. And what about Gettis? He showed some promise this preseason right?

    As for Fletcher…I see your point and realize for both him and Hank you're just talking about subbing them out more, not fully benching so I'm fine with that.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/beltwayboysports/ beltwayboysports

    Banks is HIGHLY overrated! I agree with you across the board here and would love to see Shanny do something in regards to how these players are being used. Honestly I wouldn't care if they just released Banks b/c he's nothing more than dead weight on the roster in my opinion.

    Let Moss have all the snaps he can handle at this point b/c my man Hankerson's wildly inconsistent. I really liked Hankerson's attributes and still do, but have really started to question whether he's going to be part of the team's future. I wouldn't give up on him yet b/c he could still put it all together and become a very productive NFL WR.

    I'm to the point of either Garcon can play or shut him down and fix his foot. There's no reason to keep playing the waiting game anymore with this injury. With our luck we'll dilly dally around with it and play him 10 or so snaps over the rest of this season and then realize that surgery is necessary after the season's over and it will cut into his being ready for next season on time. That's how our luck runs here in D.C. it seems. I still can't wait to see RG3 and Garcon being able to work together over an extended period of time b/c I think they could become one of the NFL's top tandems.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/gms1006/ Gary Struble

    Again I must ask why is Banks even on the team??? I started asking this question last year and I still can't figure it out, as I'm sure a lot of others are wondering this also…
    I have to agree play Hankerson but not at the cost of Moss missing snaps, If Moss is one thing he's reliable but like any player when your use to playing every down then get stuck in whenever you lose something.
    We are in really bad shape in our secondary as you say but short of prayers and divine intervention I don't see any solution this year…
    It also pains me to have to agree with you on Fletcher but it's been a good run and career hope he get's his due recognition after he hangs up his cleats, he deserves it…

  • Kevin E.

    So….we should be evaluating for next year while we're not eliminated?