NFL Potpourri Trivia

What current NFL team used to have the same nickname that is now used by the Tennessee franchise?

Which NFL team did Nick Saban coach and abruptly leave in order to take the head coaching job at Alabama?

Since 1990 to the present, how many Head Coaches, NOT NAMED GIBBS, have the Redskins had?

Of the current 32 franchises in the NFL, how many have never made an appearance in the Super Bowl?

Who was the first Head Coach to record a Super Bowl loss and a Super Bowl win?

Both Johnny Unitas of the Baltimore Colts and Len Dawson of the Kansas City Chiefs were drafted by the same team within a three-year time span in the mid-1950’s. Unitas never played a down with that team and was cut, and Dawson was traded away after three years, having started only one game. What team was it that gave up on these future Hall of Famers?

Of the following teams that have appeared in the Super Bowl, which one has the longest time span since its LAST appearance in the big game?

In what city did the Arizona Cardinals franchise play during its first 40 years of existence?

Last year, Adrian Peterson won the league MVP Award. Prior to 2012, who was the last running back to win that award?

Since 2005, which one of the following teams has made the playoffs the most number of times?