Remember, no matter what type of sports fan you are, there is something for every type of fan on!  This is an online destination for you to have a voice as sports fans, get news & stats on your team, and find other fans of any team to interact with both online and offline.

Below are just a few suggestions of Fanspeak’s features and how to best use them.  We’ll be continually adding more exciting features for sports fans and updating this list, so keep checking back and let us know what you think.

For the Passive Sports Fan:  You may not go to every game, or even watch every game on television.  But you still have your favorite teams that you root for, and you still have a VOICE as a sports fan.  Here are some features you might enjoy on…

  • Create a Free Profile:

First click the “Create free profile” button on the homepage.  That takes you to the registration page.  Remember, everything is FREE, so do not be afraid to join or create your profile.  Just fill out all the requested fields of information on the registration page and click Submit.

You will then receive an email advising that you MUST click on the link that is provided in order to activate your profile and become an active member of

Updating Favorite Teams:

Adding your favorite teams is important because it allows you to get to your team pages easier.  So it’s good to set this up.  Go to Edit Profile, then click Favorite Teams.  From there you can press Control and click multiple teams for each league and Save Changes.

  • Gamebreak Update Status:

This feature allows you to post a comment about any sports related topic you may be thinking about.  It’s a great way to interact with your Fans while watching a game.  If you’re frustrated with the way your team’s quarterback is playing, express that frustration here!  (FYI – soon we will be adding a LIVE game chat feature that will make your ability to interact with others during a game even easier)  To post a new “Gamebreak Update”, simply type your sports stream of thoughts in the open box on any of your Activity and/or Profile pages. When complete click “Post Gamebreak Update here” button.

Your “Gamebreak Update” will show up in the activity feed for other fans to high five, boo, or comment/react to.

  • High Five/Boo:

You can “High Five” or “Boo” anything…gamebreak updates, fan photos, groups, blogs, comments and more!  If you see something you root for, click High Five.  If you see something you root against, click Boo.

  • Request Other People to be “Fans”:

Click on the Members tab from any page.  From there look through the many pages of Fans to see who you would like to become “Fans” with.  This means you will see others Activity and can react and interact with each other. You can become Fans by clicking “Request to be Fans” button either from their profile page or the Fans list.  And you can cancel being Fans the same way.

If you are looking for other people who are Fans of the same team that you root for, there’s an easy, fun way to find them.  Go to your team’s page under the Teams tab (which is on every page).  Once you are on your team page, the 3rd column will have a list of Featured Fans, Groups and Blogs about that team, as well as other featured websites related to that team.  So you can click on the Fans individually from your team page to request that they become Fans of yours as well.

  • Join, Create & Post on a Group:

Click on the Groups tab from any page.  From there look through the groups pages to see the many active groups on  You can join the group by clicking Join Group button.  And you can quit the group the same way.

To post on a group, click the group link and you can make a forum thread post that will show up as new activity for other fans to respond to.

To create a group, simply click the button that says “Create Group” and follow the steps.  First you will name the group and give information about it.  Then you will designate if it’s an open or private group.  Next, you can upload an image or picture for your group. Finally, you can invite other fans to join your group and interact from there!

  • Change Settings:

When you’ve logged onto your profile, click the Settings button.  From there you can change your password and/or change your notifications settings.

For the Homer Sports Fan:  You cheer on your favorite teams passionately, probably go to a lot of games, or even have season tickets!  You are steadfast and loyal to your team, maybe even to a fault.  You may not know every statistic or all the X’s and O’s, but you certainly know your team inside and out and fiercely believe in them.  Here are some more features you might enjoy on…

-Post Bulletin Board Material – Trash Talk!:

The real way to Voice Your Passion as sports fan is to TRASH TALK!  So leave some Bulletin Board Material on other Fans pages.  Go to the fan’s page you wish to post Bulletin Board Material. Then click on “Write on Bulletin Board”.  Keep the name there and then talk trash and click “Post Bulletin Board Material”

Of course, you can also pep talk using Bulletin Board Material too! If someone posts Bulletin Board Material on your page, you can easily reply by clicking “Speak Up”.

-Comment on anything – blogs, photos, gamebreak update status:

Anytime you want to comment on something, whether its blogs, photos, gamebreak updates, bulletin board material or more, it’s very simple.  Just click “Speak Up”, type your comment, and click “Post”

-Upload Fan Photos:

Upload your gameday or fan photos on!  When you’re in your profile, click on “Fan Photos”.  If you have pictures uploaded, you can view them there.  But then click the link “Upload Picture”.  From there you can choose your picture and its privacy settings and upload the photo to Fanspeak.  At that point, you can name the photo and give a description.

Picture must be .jpg, .tiff, or .gif.

-View Other Fans’ Photos:

You can view other fans’ photos either in the Activity tab or by going to a fan’s page and clicking their Fan Photos link.

-Invite Other Sports Fans:

NOTE:  YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO INVITE OTHER FANS.  Once you’re logged in, click “Invite Sports Fans” button on any page.  You can use your Twitter, Gmail or Hotmail accounts to connect to your contacts and choose which fans you’d like to share the enjoyment of Fanspeak.  Or you can click on Email and manually add email addresses of fans you’d like to join Fanspeak.

They’ll receive an email from you with a link to and link to the registration page.  It would be good to follow up with your fellow sports fans to see if they followed through and registered. Also make sure if they create a free profile, that they click the link to complete the registration.

-Gameday Scene – Find Sports Fans Offline:  COMING THIS WINTER

For the Diehard Sports Fan:  You live and breathe sports in general, especially your favorite teams!  ESPN is your most watched network and you sometimes watch games just because it’s a sporting event.  Although you want your teams to do well, you also enjoy analyzing the personnel, schemes and strategy even more.  You are an absolute diehard sports fan, and here are some features on that you might enjoy using…

-Create a Blog/Post:

There is a difference between Creating a BLOG and Creating a blog POST.  You only need to create 1 BLOG.  Though you can create several BLOGS if you wish.  But you create a new POST everytime you want to write a new blog under the designated BLOG.  For example:  our featured BLOG is “Steveospeak”.  Whenever Steveo posts a new blog under “Steveospeak”, that is considered a POST.

You can create a BLOG when you create your free profile.  You can also create a BLOG from the Blogs tab, by clicking “Create Blog”.

To create a new blog POST, go to the top Navy blue bar under “My Blog”, hover over the BLOG and click “New Post” to create a new POST.  Click on “Manage Posts” to edit POSTS.

-Comment on Steveospeak:

Steveospeak:  Telling it Like it Is! is Steveo’s daily blog written by a true diehard sports fan in an effort to “start the conversation”!  He wants you to join in and inspire you as a passionate sports fan to write your own blog posts as well.

So if you wish to comment on Steveo’s blogs, just click on the blog link, “Read More”, or “Comments”.  From either of those, you can finish reading the featured blog and comment and react.  He wants to hear what you think whether you agree with him or not, so “Voice Your Passion!”

-Read & react to Weekly Q&A and/or Nostalgiaspeak:  COMING THIS WINTER

-Post or Comment on a Forum Thread:

You can either start a Forum topic under the Forum tab or the Groups tab.  If you’re on the Forums page, you can click “New Topic” and choose which Group you’d like to create the topic under.  Then just enter the title and content of your topic, identify any appropriate tags, and click “Post”.

You can do the exact same thing from the Groups tab, under the group you wish to post the forum topic.  And follow the same instructions as above.

To comment on a forum thread, you can do that from Activity tab, Group tab or Forum tab.  But keep the conversation going!

Again, remember any type of fan can use ANY of these great features on  Enjoy…Voice Your Passion!  If you have any questions in particular, don’t hesitate to ask.  Email and we’ll get back to you by the next business day on how to help make your fan experience easy and enjoyable!