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December's "Super Fan" – Seth Furman:

Seth dressed as the coach!

The new SuperFan of December is Seth Furman from the University of Miami, known to some as “Al Golden.”

Seth is a first year student at the University of Miami studying Management and Entrepreneurship at the U. At first glance, Seth seems to be the average spirited student, wearing Miami gear on a daily basis. But Seth takes his spirit to a new level. Involved in many things on campus, Seth takes pride in supporting Miami’s new head football coach Al Golden by wearing Golden’s game day attire of khaki pants, a white button down shirt, and the famous orange tie.

You may have seen Miami’s football theme on TV this year of “Fear the Tie.” Seth puts fear into the opposing fans every Saturday, sporting the tie with such swagger it is like he went to Miami back in the 80’s.

Furthermore, Seth is part of the school’s ultimate basketball fan base known as Storm Surge. Here, Seth attends nearly every Men and Women’s home basketball game. In fact, Seth has now become friends with one of the women’s basketball player who offers him Gatorade as he cheers for them behind the bench. Appearing on ESPN cameras numerous times for cheering on the Canes, Seth looks to dress like new head coach Jim Larranaga next in hopes for a successful season.

Born and raised in Florida, Seth knows that there is no place he would rather be than at the University of Miami.

Q: What made you decide to go to Miami? Why not the other Florida schools?

Academics were a big deciding factor for me. I wanted something different, and Miami was a smaller university compared to that of UF and FSU, and located in a global city that provided a lot of opportunities. The school spirit and the passion that the students have for the sports programs here were a great compliment to my decision; it enticed me even more to come.

Q: What was your reaction to the NCAA’s investigation into the athletic program here? How do you compare our actions to that of Penn State or Syracuse?

I remember hearing about it on my first night, at move in day for freshman. The first thing that came to my mind was how could one person infiltrate such a large program and how would the university would react to it. UM had issues in the past so I wasn’t really shocked by it. I was more shocked about the media’s reaction and predictions they served and I wondered how that would influence the school. However, I feel that the students became more united and we clustered together following the allegations because people were going after us, so we had to defend our school. In relation to Penn State, what happened there was illegal by law, which was not what occurred at Miami. We broke NCAA rules, not rules set by society. Ours was more of an internal problem within the organization, but at Penn State it was more of an external issue that involved people outside of the program of Penn State football.

I feel UM handled the situation much better than that of Penn State. We bonded together; once a Hurricane, always a hurricane. Penn State seemed more enraged, but after the protests it seemed like they bonded together as well and looked to better the situation.

Q: What gave you the idea to dress like Al Golden at the games?

I remember reading a story that one day Al Golden’s mom told him that Saturday was his Business Day and I felt that for the school, it was our business day to represent the university to the nation admirably. I wanted to show the country that UM isn’t the allegation on TV. We are something more. That, and he looks smashing in an orange tie.

Q: How many times did you appear on the Big Screen at Sun Life Stadium?

For the UVA game I appeared 11 times, which is a record for me. All together I’d say 20 times, which of course brought me great fame and fortune to my family and I.

Q: Did people ever come up to you and ask you about the game plan?

Many times. People would ask me “what are we doing today coach?” and I would usually give them the response of “defense is our focal point.” I think Golden would agree.

Q: What was your favorite moment of football season?

The Ohio State win, no doubt. It was our first home game since the allegations, and as I recall, it was the largest Miami Hurricane football turnout at Sun Life Stadium and the atmosphere was electric. It felt like the Hurricane community was coming together, against the allegations, to show people that we are still competitive. People were actually calling it the “eneligbowl” which I found humorous and gave both sides good comic relief.

Q: Do you consider your self a SuperFan of the U?     

Seth posing with the U's mascot!

Of course. I think it is hard to find any student that would dress up like our head coach. I have a huge passion for the school and sports. I feel extremely proud to represent this university by the way we handled things on and off the field.

Q: What is it like for some of the women basketball players to recognize you at games and give you Gatorade?

It feels incredible. The players seem human and that they love and thank you for coming out to their games. The Gatorade is always good too.

Q: What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the sports season?

Seth with the U's basketball coach.

I am really excited too see Coach Larranga and what impact he will have on the team this season, especially in his first year. Furthermore, I’d love to see if our women’s basketball team can push them selves to the top of the ACC and make a push in March.

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