On the Clock Data Updated for Day 2 – Mock for Your Team!

May 9, 2014 in NFL

Best Available Players Day 2

Best Available by Position – Offense

Best Available by Position – Defense

Day 2 Mock Draft


The 2014 NFL Draft Round 1 was just as exciting as we thought it would be! But now its time to turn our attention to Day 2/Friday Night and the 2nd & 3rd Rounds! What do you think your team will do tonight? Good news, now you can speculate and analyze using On the Clock!


Fanspeak's Mock Draft Simulator On the Clock Data (Pick Order, Team Needs after Round 1 picks, and Players Available) have all been updated for Day 2! So you can simulate mocks as GM for your team for Day 2 here:







  • miketorr9

    Just a small complaint about the new board. The Seahawks will trade the house for the 34th pick. Just to move up 6 spots. When they already held the 32 pick. Just doesnt make sense.