December 28, 2012 in NFL

Besides the NFC East showdown on Sunday night, what's the biggest storyline to watch in Week 17?


  • http://fanspeak.com/members/rvaparks/ Parks Smith

    Sunday is going to be fun, but one of the most off the radar games that will be interesting is the Eagles vs Giants. What Giants team will show up? Then you mix in Vick starting and Reid's likely last game and you have some intrigue.

    As a Skins fan I'll be watching the NFC North games. And who can keep their eyes of the train-wreck that is the New York Jets with Sanchez back in the starting role?

    • http://fanspeak.com/members/mattpearce/ Matt Pearce

      Sanchez did have his best game of the year against the Bills but, I don't see him repeating it.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/admin/ Jason Unger

    In the AFC, the last meaningful discussion is who is going to get the #1 seed – it's looking like a real possibility that it could go to Denver.

    If the bad Texans show up and the Colts come to play, all the Broncos need to do is take care of the Chiefs and they'll have home field advantage. I'm thinking the Texans pull it out over the Colts, but it's going to be close.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/mattpearce/ Matt Pearce

    I am watching to see how the AFC seeding works out.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/mattpearce/ Matt Pearce

    Also I am watching to see who gets the NFC's 6th seed.

    • http://fanspeak.com/members/meg08/ Megan Shoup

      Besides NFC east champ (hopefully Redskins)…it really is that 6th NFC seed everyone is watching and the seeding in the AFC. I think AFC will be Denver, Houston, Pats, Ravens, Colts, Bengals. I think NFC will be Falcons, Packers, 49ers, Redskins, Seahawks, Bears.
      But you never know!! eek!

    • http://fanspeak.com/members/steveospeak/ Steve Shoup

      I'm thinking it will be the Vikings, I just have this feeling they can beat a Packers team at home that might not be trying 100%

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/gms1006/ Gary Struble

    Watching Lions- Bears, Packers- Vikings, Eagles-Giants and hoping for Lions, Packers and Eagles win… This way we keep the Giant and the Boys out of the playoffs.
    Go Redskins !!! Let's keep this magical season going, it is so great to see players finally stepping up and playing hard after years of sub par effort… Really hope the keep on a roll for some of the more deserving players who have never been this close.
    Although I think the Vikings Beat the Packers but i still get my wish when the Skins beat Dallas .HTTR!!!