The Problem with Team USA

July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everything changed in regards to Olympic basketball in 1992 when the United States introduced the "Dream Team". Ever since then international competition has improved, but no one can really match the United States or even come close on the court. Sure, Spain is good and growing program. But will they ever be able to beat a slew of NBA vets wearing the red, white, and blue? Sure 2004 was embarrassing, a semi-final loss to Argentina and an eight point Bronze Medal victory over Lithuania was hard to stomach. But here's the thing… WE KNOW WE'RE THE BEST AT BASKETBALL IN THE WORLD! We don't have to prove at the Olympics on a four year basis.

I'm all about national pride, but I'm also about international competition. It's not fun to watch Team USA any more, they just beat down teams that don't have a chance. The only advantage that would be worse is if the IOC decided to put football in the Olympics. But there is an easy solution, lets go back to college kids. I'd love to see some tight battles and some players that actually care try to duke it out with the likes of Spain, Brazil, and Argentina. I know there are discussion about making the next Team USA version be only those under 23, but that's till not enough and you're including guys that could be in the fourth year of service in the league. Hypothetically lets say Team USA sent college athletes this year and only those that already have a year of college under their belt, here is what the team would look like

G- Aaron Craft, Trey Burke
G- Isaiah Canaan, CJ McCollom, BJ Young
F- James Michael McAdoo, CJ Leslie
F- Doug McDermott, Tony Mitchell, Jarnell Stokes
C- Cody Zeller, Jeff Withey

Sure the names can be debatable, but I think it would a fun watch against the world's best. Would they be a gold medal favorite? Absolutely not. Can they medal? Definitely. A move back to college players would benefit the NBA, the NCAA, the international game, and USA Basketball.

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  1. Totally agree! Its not fun to watch professional athletes in the olympics! Yes olympian athletes are professional too, as they have worked their entire life for this opportunity.
    Atleast make it interesting!