Who Will Replace Seth Greenberg?

April 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Seth Greenberg's bubble finally burst yesterday as Virginia Tech finally dismissed their coach of nearly ten years. Greenberg grew a program that was floundering under Ricky Stokes and lead them into a full transition into the ACC. Greenberg grew a brand in Blacksburg but never could really get the team over the hump. So now the question remains…who will replace Greenberg?

Shaka Smart, VCU: Smart is the first name that is going to pop into everyone's head, especially with VCU athletic director Norwood Teague accepting the same position at Minnesota this week. But is there really even a chance at this? Smart has turned down Illinois, Maryland, and NC State. How would Virginia Tech be any different than those schools?

Steve Prohm, Murray State: Prohm is my front runner right off the bat for the Tech job and he'd be a perfect fit for the Hokies. He's a young, energetic head coach coming off a 31-2 season with the Racers. The only downside is that Prohm has only been a head coach for one year and has never been an assistant at any major programs.

Jeff Capel, Duke: Capel floundered at Oklahoma, but could he come back to the state where he had so much success with VCU and Old Dominion? I don't believe Capel would be a good choice, but I wouldn't be surprised to see his name pop up.

Chris Mooney, Richmond: Mooney's name popped up a lot after the Spiders 2011 run into the Sweet 16. Instead of bolting Richmond Mooney decided to sign a ten year extension with the Spiders. Mooney has what it takes to coach a big time program, but you can't expect instant gratification (which VT will want with the lineup they have coming back). Mooney runs a strict Princeton offense and absolutely has to get his personnel to make it work.

James Johnson, Clemson: James Johnson is poised to become a head coach somewhere. But it would be odd for the longtime Virginia Tech and George Mason assistant to come back to Blacksburg about a month after he bolted for Clemson.

Eric Skeeters, South Florida: Could Tech look to South Florida for the second time in a row? Skeeters is an interesting name and a former Tech assistant. He is well known for his recruiting abilities in the Washington DC/Baltimore area. He's certainly an interesting name to keep an eye on throughout this process.

Jeff Jones, American: Could Jeff Jones return to coach his alma mater's arch rival? Jones has done incredible things at American and his name has come up as a Tech candidate, but I really don't see him coming back to the ACC and especially at Virginia Tech.

Dino Gaudio, Free Agent: I picture the Wake Forest athletic director kicking himself every morning when he wakes up for firing Gaudio. It was one of the most perplexing moves when they fired him after a 61-31 head coaching record. Gaudio would be perfect for Tech and brings a plethora of experience to Blacksburg.

As for Seth Greenberg… I expect him to be in a Bristol studio very soon and never come back to the coaching ranks. Maybe he pulls a Steve Lavin and comes back eventually, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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  1. Good stuff. Anyone who coaches basketball at VA Tech is going to overshadowed by how great a coaching career and job has been done by Frank Beamer. Was Shaka Smart ever offered the MD job or did he just say he wasn't interested? Either way thrilled with Turgeon so far. Can't see Hokies getting a real upgrade from Seth Greenberg unless they hit a home run on an assistant or lesser known head coach or former coach like what NC State did with Gottfried. Top young mid major coaches will probably take a pass with jobs possibly opening someday with UCONN, Syracuse and Duke.

  2. More of a verbal thing with Shaka and Maryland. I don't believe anything formal was laid out.

  3. I feel bad for the guy… he didn't have much to work with at VT and really made the program respectable. He was done in by outside forces… yes, he didn't make the tourney a ton but considering the circumstances, he did OK…

  4. I think it will be a toss between VCU's Shaka Smart, Current Depaul and former Radford University head coach Ollie Purnell, and former George Mason and Current Miami (FL) head coach Jim Larranaga. However, growing up in the Blacksburg/Southwest Virginia community, it wouldn't surprise the community if Virginia Tech hires a coach from the Division III level. This coach that I am speaking in particular is Roanoke College head basketball coach Page Moir, whose dad Charlie Moir was the head basketball coach at Virginia Tech during the mid 1970's. I feel that Virginia Tech would hire someone from the local area like they did with head football coach Frank Beamer who is a native of Carroll County, Va located 20 miles southwest of Blacksburg. That's just the way VT is.

  5. Purnell has a pretty hefty buy-out and I seriously wouldn't expect him to come back after what he did at Clemson. Knowing a couple of people on Coach L's staff I would think there is no way he would go to VaTech (although stranger things have happened.

    Two names to keep an eye on if you're looking local is Mike Young at Wofford and Mike Rhoades at VCU. Young is from Radford and went to Emory & Henry. He's done a great job coaching at Wofford. Rhoades left the head coaching position at Randolph-Macon and is a hot assistant at VCU. He actually turned down the Radford job last year and another VCU assistant, Mike Jones, took it instead.

  6. I think Tech could maybe get away with a local hire in the past, but now the prominence of the school is far greater given the strength of their football program. Another reason i feel that Tech could be looking to land a bigger name is the fact that Pitt and Cuse are joining the ACC, it's going to be quite a bit tougher to even eek out NIT berths with them joining.

  7. They had the 12th recruiting class in the country last year and built a 21 million dollar practice facility, how did he have nothing to work with?