DeAngelo Hall Speaks Out Against The Defense

September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Now normally I don't take much stock into what a player might say right after a tough loss because emotions run high, but I was a bit troubled when I read what Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said after last night's game. Hall was talking primarily about the 4th and 10 touchdown pass with 2 minutes to go, that tied the game for the Texans. Hall was not a part of the play, where Texans WR Andre Johnson caught the ball over FS Reed Doughty (and blew past CB Phillip Buchanon). While I have enjoyed Hall taking a leadership role and I don't completely disagree with what he said I don't really like it being addressed in the media. There were three things that bugged me about Hall's statements, that I think could have a lasting effect on the team.

First Hall was not complimentary of Buchanon and Doughty basically saying that they were incapable of covering Johnson :

"It's a two-man coverage that has a guy playing man-to-man under and a guy playing man-to-man over the top. Yeah, he [Buchanon] kind of came off a little bit early. We weren't expecting Reed to win that battle, anyway,"

That is not exactly the kindest words you want to hear coming from your teammate, but at the same time it's not exactly untruthful either. I really don't know what Buchanon was doing on that play as he let Johnson get too far behind him to where it was up to Doughty to cover him. If you are going to have double coverage you should probably both be in a position to help out on a play that basically would decide the game. Doughty was there, but he is just not capable of covering Johnson and preventing him from making that catch. Unfortunately, other players might not see it Hall's comments as honest, but as hurtful, in particular Buchanon and Doughty. Considering the Redskins just gave up almost 500 yards passing the last thing they need is two of their top 6 DB's to have their confidence shaken any more.

The next thing I have an issue with Hall calling out the defense and coach Haslett:

"It don't matter what he say," Hall said. "It don't matter what he say. This my team. This my defense. So I'm [going to] follow the receivers around. That's what I'm [going to do]. If we got to do that to win games, that's what we do."

"That's a big receiver in this league. You would like the coverage to work out the way it was designed to work out. Two guys on him, you got a chance to win. We'll go back to the drawing board. It won't happen like that again. If Andre Johnson's out there, I'm going to be out there," he said.

While I agree that the defensive scheme didn't make sense, and that Hall should have been on Johnson on that 4th and 10, calling out the defense and Haslett the way he did was a bit problematic. This defense is already trying to deal with the Haynesworth issues, the last thing it needs is to have another player star player questioning the intelligence of the scheme (and this time more forcibly so in public). I do agree though that Hall was not on Johnson nearly enough and should have without a doubt been covering him on that 4th down play. Even if for the rest of the game you keep Hall 'on his side' for that one play that the game is riding on, you have to put your best corner on their best receiver. I don't understand how on a play that important you have just two backups guarding their top threat? Doughty might be a starter in name, but he is only starting and on the field because of Kareem Moore's injury, no way should he have the primary responsibility of stopping Andre Johnson, quite possibly the best receiver in the league. Hopefully Hall's comments about Haslett don't lead to another power struggle with the coaches and a star player.

The last thing I have an issue with were Hall's comments on Matt Shaub and Peyton Manning that weren't the most favorable:

"We were dominating those guys, hitting Schaub whenever we wanted to. He was falling down without anybody even around him like Peyton Manning does a lot. I don't know what transpired from [the third quarter to the fourth], all in the middle of that, to spark that comeback and us eventually losing."

Now I read this as not too complimentary of either quarterback, almost calling them out for not being tough enough. Although what Hall said about getting to Schaub is true, I really don't know about him 'falling down without anybody even around him'. Not only is it a questionable statement how can you knock a quarterback who threw for 500 yards and 3 td's against you? What's even worse than making a knock against Schaub is making a remark against Peyton Manning. Manning will one day probably own every single passing record in the NFL, isn't someone you should be calling out. Especially when you will see him in 4 weeks. I really don't think its a smart idea to pick a fight with Manning, considering he just torched his baby bro's team, what do you think he will do to the Skins? With any luck Hall or anyone else on the defense won't give Manning any additional Bulletin Board Material in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Why wasn't Hall covering Johnson the WHOLE game…he's are best corner and he should always be on the opposing team's best receiver!
    I understand he's just frustrated so I don't think these comments will have too much of a lasting affect. I just hope this game was a learning lesson for our defense and secondary!