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2013 Offensive Line Combine Preview

February 23, 2013 in 2013 Combine

NFL COMBINE Offensive Line Preview:

-Oday Aboushi needed to come in and help himself with this combine, but he fared poorly in the bench press yesterday. He'll need a strong day today to boost his stock back up, and hopefully he shows the feet to be a tackle at the next level.

-Terron Armstead coming off a big East-West Shrine Game and invite to the Senior Bowl, Armstead is moving up draft boards A great combine could really help him out as he's a small school guy with promise.

-David Bakhtiari not a lot of people know much from Bakhtiari given that he played at a struggling program in Colorado, this Combine could be a signature moment for the underclassman to shine.

-Jonathan Cooper is one of the top players (at any position) in this draft class and led the way among offensive linemen in the bench press. Expect him to test out well today across the board.

-D.J. Fluker dropped weight from his Senior Bowl weigh-in which is a great benefit to him as teams will feel more comfortable drafting him high. His bench reps were lower than expected, but given his massively long arms it shouldn't be too much of a concern.

-Number two tackle Eric Fisher should fare well at the Combine especially with his footwork, with a strong day today he could seal up a top 10 draft pick.

-Luke Joeckel should also shine today at the combine, especially athletically. I'll be interested to watch his footwork which should be the barometer for every offensive lineman to be judged on.

-Lane Johnson is another very quick left tackle prospect and given that he doesn't have as much game tape this will be another big test for him. He aced the first one Senior Bowl week and should have another fine showing today.

-Brian Winters unfortunately suffered an injury doing the bench press which could cause his early- 4th round projection to tumble. Coming from a smaller school he needed to workout to really raise his stock, now it's very much up in the air.

-Chance Warmack is the top guard and is another guy to watch in terms of putting on a clinic. I wouldn't expect great speed from him, but expect him to do well in everything else.

-David Quessenberry, Jordan Mills and Reid Frankel are three mid-late round tackles to watch, expect good solid all-around combines from all of them.

-Garrett Gilkey and Earl Watford are two really interesting late round guards, expect them to open up some teams eyes given that they are smaller school guys who didn't get as much attention.


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Senior Bowl South Team Practice Report – Day 3 Led by WR Terrance Williams

January 25, 2013 in 2013 Senior Bowl

South Team Practice Report from Wednesday. North Team Practice Report here!


Landry Jones, Oklahoma:

-Jones didn't help himself again with a poor overall performance in practice. He struggled with his footwork coming from under center and didn't look too comfortable throwing intermediate or longer routes. He has a nice deep ball, but it was rarely on target. He was much more precise on shorter quick passes, but got uncomfortable quick when his first or second read weren't there. Too many times when you saw a poor throw he was the culprit.

E.J. Manuel, FSU:

-Manuel had a really strong day overall, he showed good mobility in the pocket to buy time and still deliver a strike on the move. His footwork wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad and allowed him to throw a number of strong accurate throws down the field. A couple times in 7-on-7's and team drills he made some poor decisions or was inaccurate with his throw, but he had a very good practice overall. I thought he rebounded nicely from a poor Tuesday practice and his potential is very apparent. You will need to have some patience with him, but you could find a good quarterback if you handle him correctly..

Tyler Wilson, Arkansas:

Wilson probably had the best day of any of the signal callers. He did throw a bad interception late during team drills, but that was really his only blemish of the day. He showed good poise and awareness in the pocket and displayed a strong accurate arm on a number of throws down field. Overall he did a really good job of placing the ball in the strike zone of his receiver and away from defenders. Wilson definitely opened some eyes with this practice and if he keeps it up this week could move up some draft boards.

Running backs:

Stephan Taylor, Stanford:

Taylor had some concerns about speed coming into the draft process, but showed good burst today, both in rushing and receiving. He might not be the fastest running back, but it didn't appear to be a liability for him either. He showed good vision finding his hole and finding it quickly. I really liked his decisiveness, which is an underrated trait for the next level. Taylor was also really impressive catching the ball as well, he was good in space and ran crisp routes getting separation from the defender.

Tight End:

Vance McDonald, Rice:

McDonald is an underrated tight end, but had a really strong day that could start pushing him up draft boards. He did everything well today. He ran good solid routes getting separation from both safeties and linebackers. He caught everything that he got his hands on and displayed nice speed. He also did well as a blocker in team drills, showing nice two-way ability.

Michael Williams, Alabama:

Williams isn't the fastest tight end you will every see, but that doesn't mean you can ignore him in the passing game. Linebackers struggled all day to cover him as he used his big frame to shield them from the ball, and displayed nice strong hands. Williams really excelled in the blocking game though as he was essentially a 6th offensive linemen out there. He swallowed up both defensive ends and linebackers with ease.

Wide Receiver:

Conner Vernon, Duke:

Early on Vernon had a strong practice showing nice quickness and getting in and out of his breaks. Latter in 1-on-1's and 7-on-7's he struggled on a couple reps, not getting off a jam and double catching a ball, but overall it was another really solid day for Vernon, who has made the most of this opportunity.

Quinton Patton, LA Tech:

Patton had a really strong day, he was very fluid and showed nice short area quickness. He also showed nice awareness and strong hands. Patton made a number of highlight reel catches and is challenging Williams for the best receiver on this squad.

Terrance Williams, Baylor:    

Terrance Williams running routes at South practice.

Terrance Williams running routes at South practice.

Had by far the best practice of any receiver. Only guy who was consistently able to get behind the coverage and gain separation throughout the practice. He made a number of highly acrobatic catches and tracked the ball well on long passes. Williams looks to be the whole package and will definitely be someone to watch going forward.

Offensive Line:

Larry Warford, Kentucky:

Warford had the best all-around day by any offensive lineman, he was quick off the ball and showed a good anchor, rarely letting anyone push him back or control the point of attack. He also showed surprising quickness for his size and handled speed well. He just battles thoughout and is great watching him due to his technique and anchor.

Lane Johnson, Oklahoma:

Really thought he had a great all-around practice, he lined up at both tackle spots and really showed quick feet and a nice sound base. He anchored well and didn't allow much penetration. He wasn't as good versus the run, but it was by no means a bad showing.

Defensive Line:

Ezekial Ansah, BYU:

Up-and-down practice, looked very quick in individual drills and and 1-on-1's, but struggled some in team drills he didn't win as many battles as you'd hope. Showed some natural bust and edge ability, but needs to get more wins with that talent level. He did show better awareness than you'd expect for a guy who has such little football experience.

John Jenkins, Georgia:

Jenkins was a monster in middle, nearly impossible to block 1-on-1, and  disrupting a number of plays with his penetration. He plays with excellent leverage, and despite his size he's very quick off the ball getting into defender's pads. Watching him face off with Larry Warford is one of the best match-ups you will see.

Malliciah Goodman, Clemson:

Goodman was very impressive today, got off the line quick and was perhaps the 2nd toughest defensive lineman to block after Jenkins. He showed a good ability to rush the quarterback and nice recognition against the run.

Defensive Backs:

Robert Lester, Alabama:

Lester looked good early on in practice in both individual and 1-on-1 drills, but disappeared or struggled later. He didn't match-up well with tight ends, and really didn't excel in any one area. He was pretty inconsistent in the team drills, with one rep showing nice recognition and back peddle and then the next rep missing his assignment. Overall below average day.

Bacarri Rambo, Georgia:

Rambo looked flawless in the individual position drills setting the bench mark everyone else was compared to, but he all but disappeared once he started going up against receivers/tight ends. He still made a play or two, but overall he was late recognizing a number of passes, and took bad angles to the ball. Given how he started and his overall hype it was a poor overall showing. It's getting to be groundhogs day with Rambo as each day he starts off well and then all but disappears.

J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern:

Wilcox has gotten better each day, he's not fully there yet, but he's doing better in 1-on-1's and team drills. He really struggled in the positional drills, especially with his ability to flip his hips and his back peddle. While there is some legitimate promise there, he's very much a developmental prospect.

Leon McFadden, San Diego State:

McFadden had one of the better performances today among defensive backs. He was very fluid in the drills, displaying good speed and quickness. He really excelled when faced with receivers. He showed physicality and great reaction time, and was constantly the toughest draw for a particular receiver.

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Senior Bowl South Team Practice Report Day 2 Led by Lane Johnson

January 23, 2013 in 2013 Senior Bowl

North Practice Report

Notes on Day 2 (Tuesday's) South Practice:


Tyler Wilson, Arkansas:

Wilson followed up a good day with an even better day today. He missed on a couple passes in the early going during 1-on-1's, but he really picked it up after that. He showed really good touch, and I really liked his footwork and the way the ball came out of his hand.

E.J. Manuel, FSU:

Manuel has been very up-and-down. He'll complete 2 or 3 really tough throws, then miss on some easier ones. Love his size and ability to move around the pocket, but accuracy and decision making are more questionable. He does have a really nice deep ball, but was a hair off on a number of his throws down the field. That could just be working with unfamiliar receivers.

Landry Jones, Oklahoma:

In the early going Jones threw perhaps the best pass thrown by any of the six quarterbacks today, unfortunately he didn't come close to repeating that throughout the rest of practice. On quick/short throws he's really good and gets the ball out quickly. But when dropping back from under center or making progressions he struggles.

Running backs:

Stepfan Taylor, Stanford:

Taylor has had back-to-back tremendous practices and has not really shown any weaknesses to his game. The worst you can say about him is he doesn't have elite speed, but few backs who weigh 216 lbs do. He's strong, he's physical, he's showing excellent vision. I love how decisive he is in finding his hole and exploding through it. Really love the burst, the hands, and his cutting ability. He's very much putting on a show and is pushing his way into the 2nd day.

Tight End:

Mychal Rivera, Tennessee:

Jim Schwartz coaches South team in practice.

Jim Schwartz coaches South team in practice.

He hasn't stood out, but he's quietly having a nice week. He catches the ball well, shows some burst. For a smaller tight end he's done okay blocking. Doesn't excel in any one area, but shows some upside.

Michael Williams, Alabama:

Another really good day, for such a big tight end he sure seems to be catching the ball well and getting open. He won't challenge you vertically, but he's not a blocking (still his strong suit) tight end only.

Vance McDonald, Rice:

McDonald didn't have a very good day dropping a couple passes throughout the day. On just about every drop the ball was placed right in the strike zone, which should make that an automatic catch. He did redeem himself some with his blocking and route running, but the drops will hurt him.

Wide Receiver:

Terrence Williams, Baylor:

Didn't have as great of a day, but was still very impressive. He is the fastest and most explosive receiver on this roster, and is at his best when asked to get vertical. Reminds me some of Mike Wallace. A couple reps he was beaten or re-routed too easily, but overall a strong day.

Conner Vernon, Duke:

Had a really nice day, and with Ryan Swope out definitely showed he can be the sure-handed slot receiver that works the middle of the field and eats the zone alive. Vernon had a number of really nice catches and was very fluid in his route running.

Quinton Patton, Louisiana Tech:

Had a great second day, showed really nice strong hands, snatching the ball away from defenders on a couple of reps. He showed good speed and was not easily pressed at all.

Offensive Line:

Brian Schwenke, Cal:

Good solid day for Schwenke, showed a lot of nice traits that you look for in a lineman: technically sound, good anchor, nice feet, a little movement to block out in space. He also looks to be a hard worker and seems to get good feedback from the coaches.

Lane Johnson, Oklahoma:

Johnson had another great day, really stonewalled a number of defenders. Shows really nice feet and a good punch. I think he's still better against the pass than against the run.

Larry Warford, Kentucky:

Great day of practice, rarely see him give an inch of ground and in the run game really gets on the defense. I like the way he gets to the second level for a guy his size. He is looking like a day one starter for some team and a top 75 pick.

Defensive Line:

John Jenkins, Georgia:

Jenkins had a great day, the only offensive lineman that did anything against him was Warford, other than that he dominated the line of scrimmage. Loved to see his hustle getting down the line on stretch plays. Also saw him chasing from behind on a short pass, he wasn't conceding even though it was a wide receiver and he had a 5 yard head start. Coaches (and they should) will love that kind of heart.

Montari Hughes, Tennessee Martin:

Hughes was out yesterday due to injury and was even told by his reps that he shouldn't risk it, but he went out there today and had a huge practice. At 6'4" 328, he's a force out there and it showed. He was in the backfield quite a bit and really finished plays well. Really impressed by his work ethic and dedication.

Lavar Edwards, LSU:

Shows some edge rushing ability, but needs to get more consistent, Also he overpursued on a couple of run plays.

Defensive Backs:

Leon McFadden, San Diego State:

Not as strong as yesterday, but still a really nice practice.

B.W. Webb, William & Mary:

Great all-around practice, did a really nice job throughout. Rerouted receivers, stayed on them despite double moves. He also looked good when lined up off man and was able to react to the ball.

Shawn Williams, Georgia:

Non-descript day, didn't really stand out, but wasn't beaten that much either.

Bacarri Rambo, Georgia:

Another poor day, he struggled in coverage. Biting on a double move and just slow to move to the ball. His pursuit was off both against the pass and run. Yet once again he showed all the proper tools in the position drills.

J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern:

Still struggled some in the drills, but looked better in the 1-on-1's and team scrimmage.Obvious that he's still one of the more raw players out there, but was tighter in coverage today and showed better reaction time.

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Senior Bowl Weigh-In Results: South Team

January 21, 2013 in 2013 Senior Bowl

South Team: (note: a Height of 6033 equals 6'3" 3/8)

OL Oday Aboushi, UVA: Ht: 6052 Wt: 310 Hand: 10.48 Arm: 32.78

DB Robert Alford, SE Louisiana: Ht: 5097 Wt: 186 Hand: 9.38 Arm: 31.38

P Ryan Allen, LA Tech: Ht: 6013 Wt: 231 Hand: 9.62 Arm: 31.75

DL/LB Ziggy Ansah, BYU Ht: DNP Wt: DNP Hand: 10 Arm: 34.62

DB Marc Anthony, Cal: Ht: 5113 Wt: 191 Hand: 9 Arm: 31.5

FB Tommy Bohanon, Wake Forrest: Ht: 6005 Wt: 247 Hand: 9.87 Arm: 29.75

LB Jamie Collins, S. Missouri: Ht: 6033 Wt: 245 Hand: 9.87 Arm: 33.37

DB Sanders Commings, Georgia: Ht: 5117 Wt: 223 Hand: 8.25 Arm: 31.12

DL Everett Dawkins, FSU: Ht: 6021 Wt: 288 Hand: 10.37 Arm: 32.25

DL Lavar Edwards, LSU: Ht: DNP Wt: DNP Hand: DNP Arm: DNP

RB Andre Ellington, Clemson: Ht: 5094 Wt: 197 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 30.62

OL D.J. Fluker, Alabama: Ht: 6047 Wt: 355 Hand: 10.25 Arm: 36.37

OL Dalton Freeman, Clemson: Ht: 6042 Wt: 286 Hand: 9.87 Arm: 31

OL Garrett Gilkey, Chadron State: Ht: 6057 Wt: 314 Hand:10.37 Arm: 31.75

RB Mike Gillislee, Florida: Ht: 5112 Wt: 207 Hand: 8.75 Arm: 30.75

LB Zavier Gooden, Missouri: Ht: 6014 Wt: 233 Hand: 10 Arm: 31

DL Malliciah Goodman, Clemson: Ht: 6035 Wt: 272 Hand: 10.87 Arm: 35.87

DL Cody Grissom, South Florida: Ht: 6013 Wt: 313 Hand: 9.12 Arm: 32.5

WR Cobi Hamilton, Arkansas: Ht: 6016 Wt: 199 Hand: 8.62 Arm: 32.25

K Dustin Hopkins, Florida State: DNP

DL Montari Hughes, Tenn Martin: Ht: DNP Wt: DNP Hand: 10.12 Arm: 31.62

DL John Jenkins, Georgia: Ht: 6037 Wt: 359 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 33.12

LB Nico Johnson, Alabama: Ht: 6017 Wt: 249 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 32.87

OL Lane Johnson, Oklahoma: Ht: 6062 Wt: 302 Hand: 9.75 Arm: 35

QB Landry Jones, Oklahoma: Ht: 6035 Wt: 221 Hand: 9 Arm: 32.12

WR Tavarres King, Georgia: Ht: 6002 Wt: 192 Hand: 9.37 Arm: 32.37

DB Robert Lester, Alabama: Ht: 6012 Wt: 212 Hand: 9.75 Arm: 31.25

TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen, Auburn: Ht: 6031 Wt: 255 Hand: 10.12 Arm: 33

QB E.J. Manuel, FSU: Ht: 6043 Wt: 237 Hand: 10.12 Arm: 35

RB Onterio McCalebb, Auburn: Ht: 5101 Wt:164 Hand: 8.75 Arm: 30.12

TE Vance McDonald, Rice: Ht: 6041 Wt: 262 Hand: 10 Arm: 34.5

DB Leon McFadden, San Diego State: Ht: 5096 Wt: 193 Hand: 8.62 Arm: 31.25

OL Xavier Nixon, Florida: Ht: 6054 Wt: 311 Hand: 10.5 Arm: 33.75

WR Quinton Patton, LA Tech: Ht: 6000 Wt: 202 Hand: 9.12 Arm: 32.25

LB Sean Porter, Texas A&M: Ht: 6013 Wt: 231 Hand: 9.37 Arm: 31.87

DB Baccari Rambo, Georgia: Ht: 6004 Wt: 215 Hand: 9.12 Arm: 30.5

TE Mychal Rivera, Tennessee: Ht: 6032 Wt: 237 Hand: 10.25 Arm: 32.12

OL Brian Schwenke, Cal: Ht: 6030 Wt: 307 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 30.87

WR Ryan Swope, Texas A&M: Ht: 6002 Wt: 204 Hand: 8.12 Arm: 30.37

RB Stephan Taylor, Stanford: Ht: 5090 Wt: 216 Hand: 8.37 Arm: 29.62

LB Chase Thomas, Stanford: Ht: 6031 Wt: 241 Hand: 9.5 Arm: 31.37

OL Dallas Thomas, Tennessee: Ht: 6052 Wt: 308 Hand: 10.37 Arm: 32

LS Carson TInker, Alabama: Ht: 6001 Wt: 231

OL J.C. Tretter, Cornell: Ht: 6035 Wt: 302 Hand: 10.12 Arm: 32.25

WR Conner Vernon, Duke: Ht: 6002 Wt. 193 Hand: 9.12 Arm: 29.75

OL Larry Warford, Kentucky: Ht: 6032 Wt: 333 Hand: 9.62 Arm: 31.87

DL Corneilus Washington, Georgia: Ht: 6040 Wt: 264 Hand: 9.25 Arm: 33.87

DB B.W. Webb, William and Mary: Ht: 5102 Wt: 183 Hand: 9.62 Arm: 30.12

DB J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern: Ht: 5113 Wt: 214 Hand: 8.87 Arm: 30.5

TE Michael Williams, Alabama: Ht: 6056 Wt: 269 Hand: 10.12 Arm: 32.75

DB Shawn Williams, Georgia: Ht: 5117 Wt: 211 Hand: 8.25 Arm: 30

WR Terrence Williams, Baylor: Ht: 6017 Wt: 201 Hand: 8.75 Arm: 30.62

LB Vince Williams, FSU: Ht: 6004 Wt:247 Hand: 9.12 Arm: 31.5


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Archived Mock Draft: Round 1, Part 2, 12/7

December 7, 2012 in Mock Drafts

Archived Mock Draft: Round 1, Part 2, Dec. 7th, 2012

*Please Note: You're looking at an archived post! Visit our 2013 NFL Draft Headquarters for our most up-to-date mock drafts .

17. Dallas- OL Barrett Jones, Alabama

18. Cincinnati- DE Alex Okafor, Texas

19. Tampa Bay- CB Jonathan Banks, Miss. State

20. Minnesota- WR Robert Woods, USC

21. Pittsburgh- DT Jesse Williams, Alabama

22. Seattle- DT Sheldon Williams, Missouri

23. Indianapolis- S Eric Reid, LSU

24. New York Giants- OT Taylor Lewan, Michigan

25. Green Bay-OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan

26. Denver- CB Xavier Rhodes, FSU

27. Chicago- OT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma

28. New England-OG Jonathan Cooper, UNC

29. San Francisco- WR DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson

30. Baltimore- LB C.J. Mosley, Alabama

31. Houston- WR Tavon Austin, WVU

32. Atlanta- TE Tyler Eifert, Notre Dame