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2013 NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

St. Louis Rams NFL Draft Grade:



Round 1, #8, WR Tavon Austin, WVU – Grade: B


Round 1, # 30 – ILB Alec Olgetree, Georgia – Grade: B


Round 3, #71 – Safety T. J. McDonald, USC – Grade: B-


Round 3, #92 – WR Stedman Bailey, WVU – Grade-


Round 4, #113 – OG Barrett Jones, Alabama  - Grade: B+


Round 5, #149 – CB Brandon McGee, Miami – Grade -


Round 5, #160 – RB Zac Stacy, Vanderbilt - Grade -


Overall: A-

The Rams did well to add some key offensive weapons as well as land a couple potential defensive starters in this draft. The steal of the draft could be Alabama center Barrett Jones who could end up starting at guard for the Rams this season. Another strong draft from Jeff Fisher could have the Rams knocking on the postseason door this year.




2013 NFL Draft Grades for ALL 32 Teams

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

The 2013 NFL Draft Grades are in for all 32 teams!!



Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs 

Denver Broncos



Houston Texans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts

Tennessee Titans



Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore Ravens



New England Patriots

Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills

New York Jets



Arizona Cardinals

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks

St. Louis Rams



Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers



Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings



Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins

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2013 NFL Draft Grades: Miami Dolphins

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Miami Dolphins Draft Grade:


Round 1, #3 – DE Dion Jordan, Oregon – Grade: B

-I like Dion Jordan, but not sure the Dolphins had to trade up this much to land a premier pass rusher. If they traded up this much they probably should have gone with OT Lane Johnson. With them failing to make the Albert trade with KC, they are taking a big risk here.

Round 2, #54 – CB Jamar Taylor, Boise St. – Grade: A+

-Love this pick for the Dolphins, Taylor has a ton of potential and should be a day one starter for them. He will be a huge boost to the secondary and will probably be better than Vontae Davis the CB they traded to land this pick.

Round 3, #77 – OT Dallas Thomas, Tennessee – Grade: B+

-The Dolphins needed offensive line help. Thomas looks to be either a RT or guard. If the Dolphins can secure their tackles, Thomas could start at guard for them boosting their line.

Round 3, #93 – CB Will Davis, Utah State – Grade: C+

-I like Will Davis and the Dolphins grabbing another corner, but this is a bit of a reach. Still Davis is a smaller school guy with nice potential and could contribute on special teams early on.

Round 4, #104 – OLB Jelani Jenkins, Florida – Grade: B-

-Nice value pick here, Jenkins could be a valuable back-up and challenge for a starting role in a year.

Round 4, #106 – TE Dion Sims, Michigan State – Grade: B

-Really like this pick for the Dolphins. Dustin Keller was only signed for one year and he's more of a receiving TE. Sims can be more of the inline blocking TE and help give the Dolphins a big target.

Round 5, #164 – RB Mike Gillislee, Florida – Grade: B-

-Adding a depth back was key and Gillislee was a nice player for them. He may never be a starter, but should at least be a solid complementary back.

Round 5, #166 – K Caleb Sturgis, Florida – Grade: B+

-Dan Carpenter is okay, but he could be upgraded and Sturgis was my top kicker in the draft. He will also be much cheaper than Carpenter.

Round 7, #250 – SS Don Jones, Arkansas St. – Grade: C+

-Adding safety depth was key and Jones is an intriguing project.

Overall: B+

-Still not entirely fond of the Dolphins trading up for Dion Jordan, but I like the idea of the pressure he and Cameron Wake could bring if Jordan pans out. The Dolphins did well to add some cornerbacks including one who should start day one. I would have liked to see another offensive lineman, even it if was a later round pick, but Dallas Thomas should find a role on this team. I thought they had some interesting later round depth picks as well. Both Gillislee and Sims could have fairly significant roles. Keeping Sturgis over Carpenter would save the Dolphins a couple of million this year and going forward, which helps Miami given how much they spent in free agency.


2013 NFL Draft Grades: Kansas City Chiefs

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Grade:


Round 1, #1 – OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan – Grade: A+

-Great pick here by the Chiefs, either OT was a fit and they really couldn't have gone wrong here. Fisher should be a day one starter and help boost the play of the offense.

Round 3, #63 – TE Travis Kelce, Cincinnati – Grade: B-

-A tight end wasn't a bad position to address but this is a reach for me. Kelce could develop into a good starter, but they could regret passing on some of the talent still on the board.

Round 3, #96 – RB Knile Davis, Arkansas – Grade: C-

-Way too much of a reach here. Davis has had injury issues and lack of production this past year. This smells like an NFL Combine pick, and that just doesn't make sense for the Chiefs.

Round 4, #99 – ILB Nico Johnson, Alabama – Grade: C+

-The Chiefs have an inside linebacking need, but Nico Johnson is about a 60 pick reach here. He's a limited athlete that will at best be a two down player.

Round 5, #134 – CB Sanders Commings, Georgia – Grade: C+

-The value isn't horrible here for Commings, but there was better CB and S talent still on the board. He's a bit of a tweener and may be nothing more than a special teams player.

Round 6, #170 – C Eric Kush, California (Pa.) – Grade: B-

-Nice late round value for the Chiefs, Kush is a small school guy with some upside and potential.

Round 6, #204 – FB Braden Wilson, Kansas St. – Grade: C

-The Chiefs need a FB, but there were better names on the board.

Round 7, #207 – DE Mike Catapano, Princeton – Grade: C+

-Nice final pick for the Chiefs, Catapano is a guy with a little upside who could develop.

Overall: C

-This could really end up being a one man draft, and while Fisher is an impressive talent, they had three other top 100 picks, and just didn't get the value they should have. They addressed some needs, but I see little present or future value from these prospects, beyond depth (excluding Fisher and maybe Kelce). Also, while the Chiefs perhaps feel they are closer to the playoffs (which does make some sense) Kansas City traded away a pair of 2nd round picks for Alex Smith, when it ended up that they could add Geno Smith in the first round or Mike Glennon in the 3rd round, or Ryan Nassib/Tyler Wilson in the 4th round. Kansas City may regret that trade if Smith can't make this team a postseason threat.


2013 NFL Draft Grades: Jacksonville Jaguars

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft Grade:


Round 1, #2 – OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M – Grade: A+

-Fantastic pick by the Jaguars, Joeckel was the top overall player in the draft and gives a woeful line a huge boost at RT. More and more teams are putting top pass rushers at RT so it is time for the Jaguars to match-up. Joeckel gives them great value and makes whomever the QB and RB that much better.

Round 2, #33 – FS John Cyprien, Florida International – Grade: A

-Tough call to not go with Geno Smith here and fill the QB need, but Cyprien is a great value and fills a big need.

Round 3, #64 – CB Dwayne Gratz, Connecticut – Grade: B

-Gratz is a slight reach here but he fills a big need for the Jaguars. He was climbing up draft boards after an impressive Senior Bowl and Combine.

Round 4, #101 – WR Ace Sanders, South Carolina – Grade: C-

-This is too much of a reach pick for me, especially with them passing on Matt Barkley when they traded back, and Ryan Nassib after making the deal. Either quarterback would have at least given them some sort of option. Sanders could be a valuable returner, but I'm not sold on him as a slot receiver just yet.

Round 5, #135 – WR Denard Robinson, Michigan – Grade: C

-Probably a round too high for Robinson, and too similar of a player to Sanders. Even though they are likely to play Robinson at running back, you'd still likely split him out in the slot some, which is where Sanders would be playing. Also, with Sanders already drafted it negates any return potential Robinson would have.

Round 6, #169 – FS Josh Evans, Florida – Grade: B

-Good pick-up here for the Jaguars. Evans is a good value here and he could play early on. Jacksonville gutted their secondary and needed to rebuild it in this draft.

Round 7, #208 – CB Jeremy Harris, New Mexico St. – Grade: C

-Intriguing depth guy, but there were better players available.

Round 7, #210 – CB Demetrius McCray, Appalachian St. – Grade: C+

-I like his upside a little bit, but this is becoming overkill in the secondary.

 Overall: B-

-I loved how the Jaguars started their draft off and could even understand them passing on Geno Smith at the top of the 2nd round, but their value kept fading as the draft wore on. It might not have been the 1983 QB draft, but there were some intriguing prospects out there, how they pass on one in the 4th is the most shocking. The positive of this draft is they rebuilt their secondary, but other than that not much to write home about other than of course the great pick of Luke Joeckel. Hopefully guys like Gratz and Evans can quickly contribute, because otherwise one of the thinnest rosters was only able to add two starters from this draft class.

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Houston Texans

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Houston Texans NFL Draft Grade:


Round 1, #27 – WR DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson – Grade: A

-Great pick for the Texans here in the first round. Wide receiver was a huge need even before Posey's injury and Walter getting cut. Hopkins is a perfect fit for the Texans offense and should come in and play right away.

Round 2, #57 – SS D.J. Swearinger, South Carolina – Grade: B

-Nice pick-up here of Swearinger. He's a versatile player with a lot of upside. It's a slight reach, but it helps improve an already strong defensive secondary.

Round 3, #89 – OT Brennan Williams, North Carolina – Grade: A-

-Right tackle is a big need for the Texans and Williams should be able to come in and compete right away. Williams has really nice upside and could end up being a great pick here in the late 3rd.

Round 3, #95 – DE Sam Mongomery, LSU – Grade: B+

-Montgomery should have gone much higher, but there are some work ethic/attitude questions. Here though the Texans are right to take a chance on him, as he can bolster their pass rush.

Round 4, #124 – DE Trevardo Williams, Connecticut – Grade: B+

-Williams is another strong pass rusher and he's a bit of an insurance policy in case Montgomery flames out. He should help boost the Texans pass rush and has some nice upside and growth potential.

Round 6, #176 – OT David Quessenberry, San Jose St. – Grade: A

-Great value pick in the 6th round, he offers a lot of potential and upside and should develop into a starter. He may kick inside to guard, but he can play tackle as well for the Texans.

Round 6, #195 – WR Alan Bonner, Jacksonville St. – Grade: C+

-Adding some depth at WR is key, and Bonner has a little upside.

Round 6, #198 – DT Chris Jones, Bowling Green – Grade: B

-Really good and active 5 technique prospect. He could quickly get into their defensive line rotation and has some potential to develop into a quality starter.

Round 6, #201 – TE Ryan Griffin, Connecticut – Grade: C

-Tight end depth was needed, though there were some better names out there.

 Overall: A+

-The Texans did a great job at the top of this draft addressing needs and adding good values with their picks. Hopkins should start from day one and could end up the best rookie receiver. Montgomery/Williams should rotate in and offer a boost to the Texans pass rush, giving some much needed help to J.J. Watt. Brennan Williams also will probably start, and guys like Swearinger, Quessenberry and Jones should quickly be at least primary back-ups. That's a great haul for a team without a ton of needs and picking late in every round.


2013 NFL Draft Grades: Detroit Lions

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Detroit Lions NFL Draft Grade:


Round 1, #5 – DE Ziggy Ansah, BYU – Grade: B

-I like Ansah's potential, but this is a tough sell in the top five, especially with so many top pass rushers in this draft. Anash could end up being worthy of this selection, but it could take him a couple of years to show that.impact, if he ever does succeed.

Round 2, #36 – CB Darius Slay, Mississippi State – Grade: A-

-This is a really nice pick by the Lions in the 2nd round, their defensive backs were moderately improved in free agency, but Slay offers a real high upside player and a guy who could be a long term starter in Detroit.

Round 3, #65 – OG Larry Warford, Kentucky – Grade: A

-One of my favorite picks of the draft, Warford should be a day one starter for the Lions and is great value at this pick.

Round 4, #132 – DE Devin Taylor, South Carolina – Grade: B

-I like the Lions continuing to bolster their pass rush here. There are some questions about Taylor's motor, but if he pans out the Lions could have a really strong defensive line that generates a ton of pressure.

Round 5, #165 – P Sam Martin, Appalachian St. – Grade: C

-Pretty high for an FCS punter, with some of the punters in this draft ending up as UDFA's the Lions definitely could have waited.

Round 6, #171 – WR Corey Fuller, Virginia Tech – Grade: B-

-Good late round pick here, Fuller is a project but he has upside. Depth is also a big issue in Detroit.

Round 6, #199 – RB Theo Riddick, Notre Dame – Grade: B-

-Nice late round value, Riddick is a versatile player who should find a home in Detroit.

Round 7, #211 – TE Michael Williams, Alabama – Grade: B

-Big blocking tight end, will help allow Pettigrew to be more involved in the passing game, and also bolster the run blocking.

Round 7, #245 – ILB Brandon Hepburn, Florida A&M – Grade: C+

-Depth linebacker here, but at an area that could use some depth.

Overall: B+

-The Lions did well here adding a pair of pass rushers and a young quality corner to their defense. Ansah and Taylor have some limitations, but they should bolster the pass rush which is most important. Larry Warford could be the steal of their draft as he should be a very good starting guard for quite some time. The Lions didn't get an offensive tackle which is a little disappointing, but overall you can't fault them much for their top 4 rounds. Later in the draft I think they added three nice upside players in Fuller, Riddick and Williams. All three offer much needed skill depth on offense.


2013 NFL Draft Grades: Dallas Cowboys

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Dallas Cowboys Draft Grade:


Round 1, #31 – C Travis Frederick, Wisconsin – Grade: C-

-I love that the Cowboys traded back picking up an extra third round pick (though they should have gotten more trade value), and that they addressed the offensive line. I just don't like how they reached here. Fredrick was more of a 3rd round prospect, and the Cowboys passed up on a pair for first round talented safeties which was their other big need. The only saving grace here is Fredrick is pretty NFL ready and will be a huge upgrade over Costa.

Round 2, #47 – TE Gavin Escobar , San Diego St. – Grade: C+

-I like the Cowboys adding another Tight end. It helps give Tony Romo another weapon and allows the Cowboys to get more creative on offense. I just think Escobar is a reach at this point. I thought there were better tight ends on the board and that he was more of a 3rd round pick.

Round 3, #74 – WR Terrance Williams, Baylor – Grade: B

-Really nice pick here by the Cowboys, Williams fills a big need for Dallas as they lack weapons behind their starters. He's also a really good value at this pick.

Round 3, #80 – FS J.J. Wilcox, Georgia Southern – Grade: C+

-The Cowboys needed a safety, and Wilcox has some potential, but he's a really raw player who is probably going to need some development time. He was also probably drafted 25-35 spots too early.

Round 4, #114 – CB B.W. Webb, William & Mary – Grade: B

-Nice pick-up here for the Cowboys, their starting corners are set but they could use some depth here. Webb is a small school guy with a lot of upside, and could help out in the slot.

Round 5, #151 – RB Joseph Randle, Oklahoma St. – Grade: B

-The Cowboys needed to find a competent back-up to DeMarco Murray in this draft and they did so with Randle here.

Round 6, #185 – OLB DeVonte Holloman, South Carolina – Grade: B-

-Hollowman has some decent potential and should be a valuable special teamer.

Overall: C-

The Cowboys are not a team that could afford to take reaches early in the draft, they have some serious needs that should have been addressed and they just didn't do that. I'm not too disappointed that the Cowboys gave up some value in their trade back in the first round, but it is bit shocking you couldn't pry a late round pick out of the 49ers. What is most troubling though is that with four picks in the top 80, you should expect to get some quality talent and really they came up way too short. Grabbing a safety in the first round and either taking Fredrick at 47 or Barrett Jones in the 3rd round would have made much more sense for the Cowboys.

2013 NFL Draft Grades: Minnesota Vikings

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Minnesota Vikings NFL Draft Grade:


Round 1, #23 – DT Sharrif Floyd, Florida – Grade: A+

-This is a tremendous pick by the Vikings. Floyd should have been a top 10 pick and the Vikings land him here at 23. Defensive tackle is also a major need for the Vikings so adding him, puts the final touches on a really strong defensive line.

Round 1, #25 – CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida St. – Grade: B-

-Rhodes has a lot of upside, but he's also a bit more raw as a corner. He's a high risk/high reward pick and one I would not have made in the first round. He was a penalty machine in college, and that is only likely to get worse at the next level as the competition is better and they call games tighter.

Round 1, #29 – WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee – Grade: C-

-This is just an awful move by the Vikings where they traded 4 players for one. Not only did they give up too much value, but Patterson is a poor guy to invest in. He's a major project and will likely be very limited for the first couple of years of his career. He can help the Vikings in a number of ways, but he shouldn't be counted on as an every down receiver, and he has a high bust factor.

Round 4, #120 – OLB Gerald Hodges, Penn St. – Grade: B-

-The Vikings needed some additional help at linebacker and Hodges is a nice pick here. He could quickly compete for a starting spot, and should be a valuable special teamer.

Round 5, #155 – P Jeff Locke, UCLA – Grade: C

-Locke was my favorite punter/kickoff specialist in this draft, but I don't see the need here with Chris Kluwe one of the better punters in the league. Also this is probably a round too high for Locke.

Round 6, #196 – OG Jeff Baca, UCLA – Grade: B-

-The Vikings needed some interior offensive line depth and Baca is a nice pick-up as he has some versatility.

Round 7, #213 – ILB Michael Mauti, Penn St. – Grade: C+

-If he didn't have multiple major knee injuries Mauti would have likely been a top 100 pick. The Vikings do need some LB depth, my only concern here is he's a huge risk, and given how many picks they traded away and the risks they took prior they probably should have gone in a different direction.

Round 7, #214 – OG Travis Bond, North Carolina – Grade: C+

-Again more interior offensive line depth.

Round 7, #229 – DT Everett Dawkins, Florida St. – Grade: B-

-Real solid pick-up, defensive tackle was a need from more than just a starting perspective. Dawkins is a nice value here in the 7th round.

Overall: C

-I really didn't like what the Vikings did here. This was an incredibly deep draft and you trade away your 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks (plus a 7th) to jump up and get perhaps the riskiest player in this entire draft? There was still a ton of talent on the board for all three of those picks, and the Vikings could have taken a pair of WR's and added a quality player at another position. The Xavier Rhodes pick is another one I don't really understand, I know the upside is there, but he played way too inconsistently in college and is going to come with a lot of growing pains. Some of their later round reaches were also troubling. The Vikings were a playoff team last year, and they could have used some quality guys to come in and contribute, and outside of Floyd I don't think they got that.


2013 NFL Draft Grades: Oakland Raiders

May 2, 2013 in Draft Grades

Oakland Raiders NFL Draft Grade:


Round 1, #12 – CB D.J. Hayden, Houston – Grade: C+

-The Raiders did well to trade back in the first round and add a 2nd round pick, but they took a huge risk with this pick. Hayden is a great story and has a ton of potential, but he's a big question mark. We don't know how he's going to come back from the injury, and the Raiders can't afford to take risks.

Round 2, #42 – OT Menelik Watson, Florida St. – Grade: B-

-Watson fills a need and has good potential, but he's a reach with a top 50 pick. He could develop into a starter, but is probably at least a year away. Again the Raiders should have gone with a more sure thing.

Round 3, #66 – OLB Sio Moore, Connecticut – Grade: B+

-Moore is a nice pick at this point, he really has a lot of upside and should quickly become an every down starter. His best attribute is his pass rush potential.

Round 4, #112 – QB Tyler Wilson, Arkansas – Grade: A-

-This is a great value pick for the Raiders who get their quarterback of the future, and they get him at a nice value pick. Wilson had a down senior year, but the potential is still there.

Round 6, #172 – TE Nick Kasa, Colorado – Grade: A-

-Kasa is a great late round pick for the Raiders, their tight end depth is atrocious, and Kasa is a guy who could start quickly for the Raiders. He had a really nice Senior Bowl week and could have some potential as a two-way tight end.

Round 6, #181 – RB Latavius Murray, Central Florida – Grade: C

-This is a depth pick, but the Raiders did need some depth in the backfield so it makes sense.

Round 6, #184 – TE Mychal Rivera, Tennessee – Grade: B-

-Rivera is more of a movement tight end, and is a nice late round value. He also had a strong Senior Bowl week and could earn some playing time as a rookie.

Round 6, #205 – DT Stacy McGee, Oklahoma – Grade: C+

-The Raiders were desperate for defensive tackle talent, and while McGee might have a little potential there were still some better options out there.

Round 7, #209 – WR Brice Butler, San Diego St. – Grade: C+

-Butler is an interesting developmental receiver, while there might have been better options this is an okay selection here.

Round 7, #233 – DE David Bass, Missouri Western – Grade: B

-Bass is a small school pass rusher with some nice potential. He had a really strong East West Shrine Game week, and could quickly become a situational pass rusher.

 Overall: B-

The Raiders did well adding extra picks, and addressing a number of needs, but they just made too risky of picks in the first two rounds. There was so much talent on the board with each pick that I just think they will end up regretting at least one of those picks. Overall it was a solid rebuilding draft for the Raiders, but they missed on a chance to make it a big win.