2012 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1-With Trades

February 9, 2012 in Mock Drafts

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 Mock Draft With Trades: Round 1, Round 2

  1. Indianapolis Colts- QB Andrew Luck, Stanford

  2. Miami Dolphins (via St. Louis)- QB Robert Griffin, Baylor : Rams get picks 9, 2nd, 3rd and 5th round this year, and 1st, 2nd, and 4th round next year

  3. Minnesota Vikings- OT Matt Kalil, USC

  4. Cleveland Browns-RB Trent Richardson, Alabama

  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- CB Morris Claiborne, LSU

  6. Chicago Bears (via Washington)- WR Justin Blackmon, Ok. State: Redskins get 19th, 2nd, 3rd and 2013 2nd.

  7. Jaguars- WR Kendall Wright, Baylor

  8. St. Louis Rams (via Miami)- CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama

  9. Carolina Panthers- DT Michael Brockers, LSU

  10. Buffalo Bills- DE Melvin Ingram, South Carolina

  11. Kansas City Chiefs: OG David DeCastro, Stanford

  12. San Diego Chargers (via Seattle): OT Riley Rieff, Iowa (Seattle gets 18, 3rd and 7th round picks)

  13. Arizona Cardinals: OT Mike Adams, Ohio State

  14. Dallas Cowboys: DE Devon Still, Penn State

  15. Green Bay Packers (via Philadelphia): OLB/DE Quinton Coples, UNC (Eagles get 2nd round pick)

  16. New York Jets: OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama

  17. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

  18. Seattle Seahawks: DE Nick Perry, USC

  19. New England Patriots (via Washington): SS Mark Barron, Alabama- Washington gets 27th, 63, and 4th rounder

  20. Tennessee Titans: C Peter Konz, Wisconsin

  21. Cincinnati Bengals: CB Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama

  22. Cleveland Browns: QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

  23. Detroit Lions: OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford

  24.  New York Giants (via Pittsburgh): MLB Luke Kuechly, Boston College) (Pittsburgh gets 32nd, 3rd round and 6th round picks)

  25. Denver Broncos: RB Lamar Miller, Miami

  26. Houston Texans: WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina

  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Washington): WR Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers ( Redskins: get 2nd, 3rd and 7th round picks)

  28. Philadelphia Eagles (via Green Bay): MLB Don'ta Hightower, Alabama

  29. Baltimore Ravens: ILB Vontaze Burfict, Arizona St.

  30. San Francisco 49ers: OG/OT Cordy Glenn, Georgia

  31. New England Patriots: DT Jerel Worthy, Michigan State

  32. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Pittsburgh): DE Mercilus Whitney, Illinois (Pittsburgh receives 2nd, 3rd and 5th round picks)


Reasons for each move:

A. Dolphins-Rams: The Dolphins look poised to make a splash this year, and if they miss out on Peyton Manning they could go 'all-in' on getting a quarterback. From the Rams perspective, they get a ton of picks the next two years and still get a top 10 player.

B. Bears-Redskins: The Bears look to be a bit desperate in finding a top notch receiver. If they miss out on the top free agents, I think they will make a big move up for Justin Blackmon. From the Redskins perspective, they are a team in need of both starting and depth players so a trade back that lands them multiple picks is a big win for them.

C. Chargers-Seahawks: The Chargers are desperate for offensive line help this offseason and a LT has to be a top priority. Their offense is extremely talented, but they lack an offensive line which needs to be fixed. From the Seahawks perspective, there is a deep class of first round pass rushers, so Seattle can move back a couple spots, pick up a couple of extra picks and still fill their biggest need.

D. Packers-Eagles: The Packers are desperate for an elite pass rusher opposite Clay Matthews, and have a shot to land one here. They aren't a team with a ton of needs so it makes sense for them to move up for an elite talent.

E. Patriots-Redskins: While typically the Patriots don't trade up here is a situation where it makes sense. New England is in serious need of defensive help, particularly at the strong safety position. By using extra picks, the Patriots can move up, get their man, and still fill other needs with their first, 2nd and 3rd round picks. For the Redskins they pick up another pair of extra draft picks for moving back just 8 spots.

F. Giants-Pittsburgh: The Giants can take advantage of the fact that the top ILB in the draft is sliding and jump up and get him, which fills their biggest need. For the Steelers they pick up a pair of picks for moving down in the draft. Pittsburgh is in desperate need of cheap, young talent, as their age is beginning to show and they are in serious cap trouble this year.

G.Tampa Bay-Washington: The Buccaneers need to land a receiver, and it just so happens that their new head coach had such a player last year at Rutgers (Sanu). The Bucs jump ahead of all the WR needy teams at the top of round 2, and land a guy who fits them perfectly. For the Redskins they play the draft perfectly, and keep trading back out of the first round, while stock piling picks to fill out their roster.

H. Jaguars-Steelers: The Jags need to generate a better pass rush this year, and Whitney fits their 4-3 scheme well. He's the top pass rusher on the board and probably won't last until their pick in the 2nd round. Pittsburgh lands another couple extra picks which they desperately need.

 Mock Draft With Trades: Round 1, Round 2

  • Hank Poteat

    You're outright wrong on the Pats. They have zero need at SS as Patrick Chung is excellent and is signed for 2 more years. You can also argue that they have no need at FS as they moved Devin McCourty there (All Pro in 2010). What they need is an edge rusher and 2 CB's.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/steveospeak/ Steve Shoup


    (and I'm a big fan of Pitt by the way)

    Chung plays free safety for the Pats (or at least he has the majority of his Pats career). While he has played some SS due to injury, he's probably a better fit at FS.

  • Zac

    Have you ever seen a draft pick trade before? Do you know that ESPN has the Draft Value Trade Chart that all the teams use?

  • Alec

    Why Ingram over Coples for the Bills?

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/steveospeak/ Steve Shoup


    Yeah teams don't exactly use that chart, in fact in recent years almost zero of the first round trades have reflected that chart. And now the value of top picks is higher given that there is the rookie salary scale. Miami is going to have to give up a lot if they want RGIII

  • Dennis

    The Bears have way to many needs to move up to number 6 for Blackmon. I do think he would look great in navy blue and orange but it won't happen. There are to many good receivers in this draft class and the Bears need some of those picks to rebuild an aging defense and for more O-line help. Floyd or Jeffery will be there at 19.

  • http://fanspeak.com/members/steveospeak/ Steve Shoup


    I tend to agree with you. But I think Chicago could look at it like that they were 7-4 (or something like that) when Cutler went down, and with Carimi coming back it is like getting an extra first (not that i necessarily agree, but how teams will present it). They might figure that what Cutler is lacking is that elite WR, and that they need to go get it. If I'm Chicago I'd be more cautious but I just get the feeling they are going to make a splash.

  • I can live with chicago doing that if we grab so decent FA's. there are some decent defencive players out there. i think we're a CB like Carr or even Carlos Rodgers from having a lot better D. not to mention plenty of other talent for other positions.

    I can live with chicago doing that if we grab so decent FA's. there are some decent defensive players out there. i think we're a CB like Carr or even Carlos Rodgers from having a lot better D. not to mention plenty of other talent for other positions.

    Before people complain about C.Rodgers being 31, he is a fit for our very veteran D. we are looking to win now with them.

  • Michael B

    ooops^^ sorry about that name

  • Bret

    I would love to see who all you have the Steelers select with all those picks.

  • bears fan

    Bears have way too many needs to trade up this year. They'll sign 2 wr's hopefully and take best available at 19 IMO.

  • Doug

    There is no way Burfect makes it past the Broncos at 25. They will not look at running back until the second round at the earliest. Top needs for the Broncos are 1. DT 2. ILB 3. CB/S 4. DE 5. RB.
    Burfect is a huge upgrade at ILB compared to Mayo and Woodyard who split duties there this year and he can offer bettter pass protection in a zone scheme that he is given credit for, look at his passes defended.

  • Guinness

    I could totally see the Eagles moving down a handful of spots and grabbing either S Barron or MLBs Kuechly or Hightower and picking up another 2nd or 3rd depending how many spots they move down. Even if they lose DJack, I don't see them picking a WR in the first round as it's unlikely a rookie WR could replace his production. For that they'd need to sign a FA WR, someone like Meachem who they could get for a good price (NO has to pay Brees AND Colston) who could step in and fill DJack's stats. I think in the 3rd or 4th they go for one of the ARK WRs of Jarius Wright or Joe Adams, both of whom are similar (OK, both are a little bigger) to DJack in height/weight/40 time. If they can get any of those 3 defenders by trading down then it's a good move.

  • Eric

    Jesus christ. They're going to give up picks 8/9. a 2nd round pick. a 3rd round pick. A fifth round pick. PLUS NEXT years 1st, 2nd, AND fourth. Does that REALLY sound possible to you? 8 picks for 1 pick and that pick is to move up a whole 6 spots? They're giving up more picks than gaining spots.